With Carl Edward’s Penalty, NASCAR Credibility is at Stakes

The issues are about Carl Edward’s getting penalized on the restart on lap 319 of the 400 lap event. NASCAR issued the penalty when Edward beats Tony Steward after some dispute on who’s the real leader. However, some NASCAR observers that there’s some doubts on the said call. 

Carl Edward believes that he’s the leader and even asked his spotter to see who’s the real leader when Tony Steward was declared as the real leader. NASCAR Vice-President Robin Pemberton said that Edward restarted before the designated restart zone and therefore was penalized and this has nothing to do with beating Tony Steward.

NASCAR officials said that Edward was informed that Steward is the leader and therefore he should not have beaten Steward and it’s just correct to serve him a pass-through penalty. However, Edward disagreed with NASCAR officials saying the officials made mistake and wondered why the officials black-flagged him. He said the official told him that they’re both the leaders that’s why he made the best restart even when he’s in a worst position.

The issues is now on NASCAR official giving wrong information to Edward’s spotter. This is giving NASCAR credibility issue based on what had happened for both drivers.

Edward insisted that A NASCAR official has relayed a wrong information to his spotter and blamed NASCAR for his supposed penalty. This places NASCAR in a situation where NASCAR credibility is questioned with delivering information that is unclear and inaccurate.

However if the issue is untrue and without basis, NASCAR is still in question for another controversy. That’s for caution flag for 12 laps remaining that have resulted in pits stops.

Carl Edward and Tony Steward are both speculated to push their best win after the controversial call. Edward is bending on questioning the call and still insisting that the call is unclear and inaccurate and he must not be penalized.

NASCAR has been in the scenes for imposing questionable penalties. Just recently, NASCAR announcement of making public first before imposing any penalties for drivers was met with great enthusiasm from drivers and racing fans. In the past NASCAR imposes penalty even without addressing it to the drivers concerned and this position made drivers asked for reforms on NASCAR’s rules and regulation. The move was welcomed by drivers and racing fans.

NASCAR is a regulating body for racing events and driver’s members and has successfully regulated racing events and drivers for the past years amidst a few controversies that has tested NASCAR’s credibility.