Unfortunate Turn of Events at NASCAR

I just love Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion and I got one for free just by mentioning Ryan Newman’s name since they have been sponsoring his NASCAR bid for the longest time.  Each time Newman makes it to the Top 10 in the race, the steakhouse chain offers the bonus absolutely free. However, David Reutimann does not share the same happy fate because he unfortunately was the cause of some serious mishaps and the dramatic alteration of what could have been a different race ending.
Everything seemed to set for drivers Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon alternating on the lead in the middle of the 300 laps. For the first 328 laps, Gordon was on the lead but Johnson suddenly surged up front right on the 356th. At that point, it was head to head between the two until the final laps. And then, a caution was announced on lap 496 that totally altered the entire complexion of the race.
When the green and white checkered restart was up, with both Gordon and Johnson on the lead, Clint Bowyer dove into turn one, which sent both leaders spinning like crazy on the racetrack. All of a sudden, Ryan Newman found himself on the lead coming from seventh and the two lead drivers had to settle for top 13 finishes. The reason why Bowyer tripped was due to the actions of David Reutimann.
Actually, it was not only Jimmie and Johnson who was displaced by Reutimann’s ill-fated mishap. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was solid on third and was looking for ways to overtake the other two on the lead. He was eventually caught up in the spin but good driving skills still helped him end the race on third. Right after the race, Earnhardt Jr. mentioned his disapproval of what transpired in the race and his annoyance on Reutimann.
Reutimann explained what really occurred, “It broke a tie rod or something like that,” he added. “I was just trying to limp around there. We needed to finish next couple of laps to try to stay in the top 35. Then the motor had been breaking up for the last couple of laps. It broke a timing belt or whatever down the back straightaway, and the motor just quit. I would not have stopped on the freaking racetrack. I would have limped it around there and come to pit road, which is what I was trying to do. The thing quit going down the back straightaway, and it shut off. I just didn’t stop there intentionally. I know it sucks. I hate it for everybody that it affected, but I mean I can’t get out and push the thing. You know, it shut off. It’s that simple.”