Twitter on NASCAR

Twitter popularity was asserted with the results of Nielsen research that shows a high percentage of 88% and 86% respectively of tablet and smartphone users use their gadget at least once while watching TV in the action-filled last quarter to tweet. The research shows that people watch and tweet during a sport events.

Tweeting NASCAR drivers have in many times put enthusiasms to NASCAR fans by means of tweeting from the raceway. Just recently, Driver Brad Keselowski became a Twitter superstar by posting pictures of the infamous Daytona fire to his twenty five thousands followers. NASCAR fans are known as devoted and loyal to the sports and would not mind if they have to follow every single driver and every single NASCAR people to see racing news on their time line and with NASCAR and Twitter partnership, fans of the racing sports won’t have to worry about losing the tweet contents.

Mark Ghuneim of Trendrr looked at the alliance as a way of having more people talk about the racing events and contributes much to its big percentage of viewing and the NASCAR/Twitter page with its specific hash tag will be of heightened level.

Twitter receives as much as 340 million tweets a day as people tweet on everything about life, people, sex and sports.