The People’s Champion of February’s Sprint Cup Series

Let us just say that no one can’t get enough of drag racing nowadays. As for NASCAR fans, the prestigious event holds the record for making their faulty bets win or dismantle the loss down the ditch. There is no doubt that has been running for quite some time and as far as statistics have cover, the association earns the largest stock car racing since 1947. 

For game fans,  you have play the game any times, mastered all race tracks from various obstacles and ultimately overcome your strongest opponent that you live to skid them off the tracks; but in the real NASCAR race, your eyes will take you to the actual event where driving renders the excitement in reality. The sonic boom of mufflers, glowing chrome wheels, smooth edge of car exteriors and a series of stock cars ready to sprint across the tracks are every driver’s dream to watch a premier event yearly.

One of the highest sports rating in terms of the number of visitors online is and the number continues to draw more users weekly. NASCAR’s business opened up multiple types of auto racing events which includes Nationwide Series, Camping World Truck Series and Sprint Cup Series. The Sprint Cup Series is an overall favorite that sanctions to more than a thousand races and a record-breaking of 75 million fans from around the world.

Upon your entry in the main page of, the headlines reveal the latest standings of NASCAR drivers, upcoming schedule, immediate access to bidding for auto racing pick and forums. Fans are so indulge to raise a bet in the next event that private organizations outlay predictions to the next winning racer. The site offers opportunity for fans to be part in their membership club where the link will take them to the official page. At the bottom of the site, fans can browse for more queries about the guidelines in participating online events, online subscription and sponsors.

Want to know who brought home the bacon in this month’s race track challenge? Tony Stewart stands tall as he walked the platform and grabbed for the Sprint Cup title. Fans named him ‘The People’s Champion of NASCAR!’ and he deserves even better than earning it all.

Sports analyst would consider the superstar a hardworking man with full of determination. Growing up as his passion to steer a four-wheeler vehicle has now achieve his championship record. Being a millionaire in his mansion, Stewart amplifies himself simple in his ways. Now that his job is almost done, he continues to live as Tony Stewart with stewardship ambition.