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Toyota Camry – Setting the Road on Fire

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Toyota Camry has been in the market since 1983 and has witnessed several modifications since then. This car was amongst the most acclaimed cars since then and had almost conquered the mid-size family sedan segment. The spectacular sedan has completed a long journey and now Toyota is again ready with the modified Camry for 2014. The 5 seater family car is amongst the most awaited cars and has found a noticeable place amongst the luxury sedans. 
More about the powerful sedan
Toyota Camry is supposed to offer the noticeable performance with its 6 speed automatic transmission engine. The engine would be of 2.5 liter – 4 cylinder type and is expected to offer the mileage in the range of 25 to 35 mpg depending on its usage in city or highway. In case of combined usage, the company is claiming the mileage of 28 mpg.
Exterior and Interior
Though the performance of any car would always stand in its favor, the looks are important as well. The stunning exteriors of the car are well complemented with its projector beam headlights and the Daytime running lights. This luxury sedan is offered with 16 in wheels of steel with steel wheel covers. The high intensity solar energy absorbing windshield is offered to add to the customer convenience. The interiors are also worth admiration with its 6 way adjustable seat on the driver side while 4 way adjustable front seat on the passenger side. The car comes with cruise control and the standard features like telescopic steering with Bluetooth as well as audio controls.
Toyota has made sure that Camry becomes the right combination of performance, looks and safety. The car is therefore provided with 10 airbags and other safety tools as the standard features. It can be said that the all new Toyota Camry will again set the road on fire.


New Series of cars from NASCAR piping up in the Market

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An Eye opens towards Newbies in Car Racing Zone
NASCAR Changes CarCar racing epic ear was initiated long years ago but today’s platform seem to be totally airy, if you are participating for the first time then having an acquaintance involved in the same with you could help to create a better environment for your conscious to perform. There are automobile makers where in they make models of various ranges depending upon the capacity and other equipments installed in it. Between both the points, you can include as many tag points as you want using various equipments. Choosing your car type from the available range of options can be the most feasible option while buying car.
So, when a house is being built the roof is the part which is given special attention to roof, similarly car design has to be minutely look on fuel engine part. A good Roof Exhauster system keeps a balance on the mobility of air in and out where in the case of cars it has to be kept alive with new attempts for every battle. NASCAR Changes Car2This is what the public is actually looking for? From the charm of its oldest version, it has been rolling ahead to top and has been striving hard to provide people smashing range of cars. This car is easy for drivers to handle and manage it even when the speed crosses high limit.
The Ford Fusion
In a recent big show, there was entry of three new vehicles namely: Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet SS. It almost dazzled the spectators from their runway bringing back those cheers and huge loud applause. Car loves would surely go hooting around the car manufacturers as they have brought back the time of great skills with cutting edge.


NASCAR’s New Car Models For 2013 Remind Of The Glorious Days Of The Past

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NASCAR Seeks To Restore Individuality In Cars Once Again

Understandably, numerous fans across the world were extremely upset with this change. It somehow reduced the charm of the game to a great extent since a Ford lover could hardly distinguish their favorite car from a Toyota. Finally, in an attempt to rectify this error, NASCAR has tried to bring back the glorious days of the past and restore the individuality that these cars sported so proudly. 

Finally Something To Look Forward To

What’s more is that these cars are now being made to resemble what they stand for. For example, the Talladega track saw the introduction of 3 new vehicles into its family – the Chevrolet SS, the Ford Fusion and the Toyota Camry. Moreover, manufacturers and officials are now trying to ensure that when a new car now comes along, it should try to be as generic as possible. Thus, fans can now go back to the old days of hooting for their favorite cars instead of just hooting for their favorite driver or manufacturer. Another advantage that these cars could bring to the fold is that are not as easy to handle for the drivers. This brings the focus back on driver skills which was missing in the past few years. Lastly, these new cars might also help in restoring the old era creativity which teams used to gain an edge over each other and in turn restore the true charm and spirit of NASCAR.