RCR team

RCR Sports New Graphics from Roland

NASCAR opening season will have something new to offer with Richard Childress Racing sporting new car graphics provided by Roland’s new technology for inkjet graphic printing. RCR team has been working hard in giving extensive wrapping job for RCR’s cars, trucks and trailers expected to give a roaring show time for the season’s opening.
RCR Graphic center is relying on Roland’s 64-inc VersAcAMM metallic inkjet printer and cutter and Soljet models consisting of three models to provide the wrapping jobs for RCR line-ups finishing a total of 37 vehicles including trucks, trailers and cars. The in-house graphic studio for NASCAR is busy running a total of seven Roland printers and cutter consecutively seven days a week consuming 14 to 16 hours a day.  The company has been in preparation for the racing events, has done wrapping jobs of 53 feet, and has consumed about 8,100 square feet of printed vinyl and a hundred new graphics and wraps.
Nick Woodward who heads the RCR graphic teams has said that they have a big shift of their wrapping schedules as it is previously done during off seasons reasoning that they have new sponsors that would have new approaches for branding elements, which is the core of car graphics and wraps. Wood added that there’s a lot of hard work going on and he hopes the racing aficionados will see real worthwhile results. He gives a little peak on what’s going to be the one to watch during the race event. He predicted that No.29 Budweiser Chevrolet Impala would be the flashiest and driver Kevin Harvick would be in the cockpit of a full metallic wrap car. While Paul Menard’s no.27 Peak Performance Chevrolet will have bold blue and yellow color scheme, which is entirely a new graphic design. He also assures the public to see entirely show-stoppers graphic and wraps for cars and trucks. 
In addition for vehicles wraps, RCR graphic center is producing new varieties of graphics for pit boxes, new signage and graphics for some high profile areas around the race tracks.
Roland’s two VersaUV LED printers are helping RCR Graphic Center in meeting up all the demands for all labels and signage getting help from LED 640 hybrid flatbed printer. This 64 inch roll-to roll printer enables direct printing on thick materials such as boards.
With new graphics and wraps, NASCAR opening season will be of something that has adoring eyes on racing vehicles sporting an entirely amazing and spectacular graphics and wraps.