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The Practice of Wallace and Frewaldt Got Interrupted With the Accident at Phoenix

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With so many incidences and accidents taking place at the time of driving, reckless news has landed up. This time it is Darrell Wallace Jr who will be in trouble. Reports says that NASCAR is planning to punish the celebrity for his on-track altercation with Chad Frewaldt due to which at the time of practice both the drivers crash down badly at the Phoenix International Raceway. It was certainly one life threatening experience for which NASCAR don’t want to take the risk again.
About the Incident
During the practices, it was Wallace who had finished up his 3rd round and was hearing for the 4th one, when he passed Frewaldt. However, later what the scenario happened is not clear but the Wallace’s truck got spun around and got hit against the wall as it went sliding down the track. At such point of time, luckily Frewaldt was in the car and did not get hurt.
What the Drivers have to comment?
After this experience, it was Wallace who got really upset with the whole scenario what he wanted to actually punch Frewaldt. However, as he was in the practice and was wearing helmet, seems he changed his mind
Know the scenario
Thankfully none of the drivers got injured which is really a great news.
However, as the situation seemed to be more of the careless scenarios, it seems that NASCAR is expected to take a serious action against the drivers.
The vice president of NASCAR commented that age is one such factor that keeps the young men always excited and in competitive spirit.
Both the drivers were later sent to the NASCAR hauler.
Looking at the overall senior it seems that the NASCAR is yet to deice of the penalties and jump on certain conclusion. So let us cross the finger and hope that things get back in action pretty smoothly.


Dylan Kwasniewski Enters the Reality Show

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Racing is surely a tough challenge for which only an expert can tackle with. Though such type of change seems to be pretty much smooth and easy, but it is certainly associated with lot many risk, drawbacks and consequences that may have a long time impact.dylan_kwasniewski If you are one of those challenges who believe on earning money with such sponsorships deals by travelling around the country and winning the race each time, then surely, this article is right for you.
The recent news has gained lot of popularity that focuses on Dylan Kwasniewski who is one of the best yet the youngest racer that the world has got. Take a glimpse of his amazing stunts which he has performed throughout his lifetime. He has already achieved a huge success in climbing one of the rungs on the NASCAR ladder along with earing the K&N title. At the age of 17, this young racer is said to be the most talented drivers in the development pool of NASCAR. You can see his amazing students on the reality show called the Autoblog parent AOL where his first season will be on live soon. In the series you will also see this young teenager with his mind who would be telecasting their life in K&N East Series.
Dylan Kwasniewski career Track
He began his career in racing in ASA speed truck and later has won nearly 88% of the races. This typical high school kid has got more interest in music and sprits action other than racing. Being on the race however, he is not losing his focus from the studies and attending his schooling in Las Vegas.
His Achievements
Among 15, he was the top 10 in the route to his first NASCAR championship
Performed 15-race NASCAR K&N Pro Series West schedule
Won Sunoco Rookie of the Year
Won two races and two poles in 2011
You can also have a glimpse of some of the series and episodes that would keep your eyes and mouth wide opened while seeing him performing like a fire on the road. Currently competing in E& N series the fans hope for the best for him and wish to get him a huge success ahead in his life.


According to NASCAR the Trucks are Likely to Return to Eldora in 2014

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The evaluation of the first dirt race by NASCAR is still is going on. The company has participated in such a race after 40 years.

Austin Dillion Road America 2013

But Steve O’Donnell who holds the chair of the senior vice president of the company has stated that the Midsummer Classic will be again held at the Speedway of Eldora. According to him NASCAR was very satisfied with the performance of the teams that participated on the race on Wednesday. Austin Dillon emerged as the winner of the Camping World Truck series race. The race was a great event for both NASCAR and the world of vehicle sports.

Know the winner

The first race on the dirty track has been won by Dillon. On this view the vice president has stated that NASCAR wants to go and meet those who have taken part in the race and also their team owners. According to them they are highly satisfied with the participation and would try to perform the same thing in 2014 again.

Have a look at the analysis of the race

According to Speed the household rating of the race has reached up to 1.2. This has made it grab the 10th spot in the list of the most watched truck races around the world.
Almost 1.4 million race lovers were viewing the event. Statistics also show that it was the most watched sports event that was watched on television on that particular day.
It has been also remarkably noticed that almost 1 million people were watching the pre race show on the channel.
Great response was also received by the NACAR authorities from various social media platforms. Twitter witnessed a large number of tweets related to the race on that very day.

Though there was some degradation witnessed in the track the participants were able to put up a great show.


Race Leads to Injuring 10 NASCAR Fans by a Falling Cable

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Racing has been that sports that has been able to attract a lot of people. In most of the cases it has been seen that the gallery is full with people. The people shout a lot to cheer up for their favorite racing stars. Accidents at such a place are something that is really unwanted and rare in nature. But mishaps never see situation, time or place before coming. A similar accident happened during the NASCAR race. The race was taking place at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Suddenly a TV camera that was mounted in one of the grandstands feels on the surface of the track. The issue happened during the race. As a result the people were distracted and mood of the people was fully disturbed.

The accident in detail

Each and everyone was busy enjoying the race when the TV camera suddenly fell. This not only spoiled the spirit of enjoyment but also the people were terrified a lot. Three people were so heavily injured that they were admitted in the hospital. Ten other people were also injured. The overhead cameras that are installed at the race course to capture various moments are dependent on three ropes. Two ropes are found on the sides and they help in keeping the camera in place. The third rope is used as the drive rope. The incident took place when there a fault occurred in the drive rope and the camera fell on the track. Below are some after effects of the accident.

The whole place became chaotic and the indiscipline continued for over half an hour.
At last everything was cleared away and managed by the crew members.
The participants were also given some time to get their cars repaired.

Investigation is going on and the truth behind the incident will come out soon.


Race Leads to Injuring 10 NASCAR Fans by a Falling Cable

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The NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway turned out to be a bizarre when an overhead TV camera fell from the grandstands on the track surface during the race and disturbed everyone’s mood to enjoy the race. 
The cover story
Almost ten people were injured and three others were hospitalized when the overhead TV camera fell distracting everyone’s mood from the spirit of enjoying perfect race to a terrified expression of fear. Mostly the camera depends on three ropes, one being the drive rope and the other two kept on the sides. The main fault occurred when the drive rope gave up and fell straight on the track surface. A chaotic atmosphere was surrounded for almost half an hour till everything could be cleared by the crew members of the race. NASCAR also gave the participants time to repair their cars for any kind of damage. A special treatment is being given to all the fans that were injured by Fox Sports.
The accident sport
The accident had taken place on lap number 121 of the 400-lap NASCAR Spirit Cup.
This created damage to some of the cars which were on with the race but thankfully avoided injuries to any of the drivers.
Well-known truck racer winner Kyle Busch’s car suffered minor scratches on the front wheel but was given time to come up with them.
After a wait of about 27 minutes everything turned out to be back to normal and the same noise and cheering carried up in the race. But the thing that is fishy is that how can the main rope fall all of a sudden? Investigation is still on in this matter and getting a positive response regarding the truth will soon be discovered and conveyed to everyone.


New Series of cars from NASCAR piping up in the Market

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An Eye opens towards Newbies in Car Racing Zone
NASCAR Changes CarCar racing epic ear was initiated long years ago but today’s platform seem to be totally airy, if you are participating for the first time then having an acquaintance involved in the same with you could help to create a better environment for your conscious to perform. There are automobile makers where in they make models of various ranges depending upon the capacity and other equipments installed in it. Between both the points, you can include as many tag points as you want using various equipments. Choosing your car type from the available range of options can be the most feasible option while buying car.
So, when a house is being built the roof is the part which is given special attention to roof, similarly car design has to be minutely look on fuel engine part. A good Roof Exhauster system keeps a balance on the mobility of air in and out where in the case of cars it has to be kept alive with new attempts for every battle. NASCAR Changes Car2This is what the public is actually looking for? From the charm of its oldest version, it has been rolling ahead to top and has been striving hard to provide people smashing range of cars. This car is easy for drivers to handle and manage it even when the speed crosses high limit.
The Ford Fusion
In a recent big show, there was entry of three new vehicles namely: Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet SS. It almost dazzled the spectators from their runway bringing back those cheers and huge loud applause. Car loves would surely go hooting around the car manufacturers as they have brought back the time of great skills with cutting edge.


NASCAR Drivers Earning Led By Dale Jr And Jimmie Johnson

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Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson

When Forbes released the list of top paid NASCAR drivers, it was no surprise that the top two positions were taken by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson.  Last year’s Cup Series Champion Brad Keselowski was in 10th place and there is a lot of difference between the top 2 and the 10th position. The fact is that Jimmie Johnson in 2nd place has double the earnings of Brad Keselowski. These figures represent not just the track earning, but also the earnings from promotions and other advertisements add to the earnings.
Top 10 Of Forbe’s List Of Top Paid NASCAR Drivers
1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $25.9 million

2. Jimmie Johnson – $23 million

3. Tony Stewart – $18.7 million

4. Jeff Gordon – $18.1 million

5. Carl Edwards – $13.7 millionDale Earnhardt Jr

6. Kevin Harvick – $13 million

7. Danica Patrick – $12.9 million

8. Kyle Busch – $12.5 million

9. Kasey Kahne – $12 million

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

10. Brad Keselowski – $11.4 million
What Are The Earnings That Are Used To Decide The Forbe’s List Top Earnings?
The Forbe’s list that has been released has Dale Earnhardt Jr leading the way with Jimmie Johnson behind him and the earnings are not just based on their earnings on track. The fact that Earnhardt is still the first choice when it comes to merchandise promotion is the factor why he is on the top step with deals that he currently has with Wrangler, Chevy, Nationwide and Goody’s. He has started a new venture in partnership with KLN Family Brands in the name of Dale Jr. Foods. The new venture is up and running and the products have already hit stores. Danica Patrick also has a few endorsements and that has been able to move her up to 7th position just a bit off Kevin Harvick at 6th position.


Exciting news from Nascar

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The one who won
Matt KensethIt was good luck for Kenseth when his third win came on the occasion of his 41st birthday. You must have seen all the exciting news breaking out on blogs and sites if not on the television. The main reason was the superb condition of Math Kenseth’ car. It has performed well for the third time in three consecutive races this season. The number twenty team was especially happy to see it pay off in the final round. Kenseth and his Dollar General Toyota car piloted to a win on Sunday at the Kobalt Tools 400 race on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway event. The race was on his birthday and he was charged to hold off Kasey Kahne in the final 30 laps. It was certainly a duel to match and watch. The victory lap came when the late pit stop came on and Kenseth merely refueled. After that he was out on the pit road and onto his winning streak when other cars were busy getting two car tires replaced.
Stats of Kenseth’s victory
If you have been following the statistics of the races in which Kenseth has participated you will notice:
This win was the third win of Kenseth at Las Vegas
It was a first since 2004
He became the third driver in the series to win on his birthday
When Kenseth was asked the reasons for his win he stated that, though he does not believe in setting goals, his goal was to win this time and he wanted to win early in the game. He knew that there was no pressure except the pressure that he applied to himself. He also knew that his Coach expected him to win the races and he did not want to disappoint anyone.
Other stats of the game
Besides Kenseth, the other winners and other statistics of the game are:
The top five drivers were Kahne, Brad Keselowski, Busch, Carl Edwards – in that order
Jimmie Johnson finished in the sixth position and he left Las Vegas as the leader of the series
He ended with five points ahead of Keselowski and earned ten points ahead of Earnhardt who finished in the third place
The state of those who did not win
Those who do not achieve their desired objective turn up frustrated. Keselowski dropped to the 13th place due to a mishap that occurred on the pit road. He and his crew had to change four tires. Keselowski finished fourth in Daytona and Phoenix events and he was not happy with his performance at this race. He felt that they have to get better at execution in order to better their luck at winning. Kahne and Johnson were close contestants and Busch ended up fourth while on Saturday he had come in second place. Nascar car rallies are a great thrill for car racing fans. Car rally weekends are eagerly awaited for by fans all over Las Vegas and from other parts of the country.


NASCAR’s New Car Models For 2013 Remind Of The Glorious Days Of The Past

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NASCAR Seeks To Restore Individuality In Cars Once Again

Understandably, numerous fans across the world were extremely upset with this change. It somehow reduced the charm of the game to a great extent since a Ford lover could hardly distinguish their favorite car from a Toyota. Finally, in an attempt to rectify this error, NASCAR has tried to bring back the glorious days of the past and restore the individuality that these cars sported so proudly. 

Finally Something To Look Forward To

What’s more is that these cars are now being made to resemble what they stand for. For example, the Talladega track saw the introduction of 3 new vehicles into its family – the Chevrolet SS, the Ford Fusion and the Toyota Camry. Moreover, manufacturers and officials are now trying to ensure that when a new car now comes along, it should try to be as generic as possible. Thus, fans can now go back to the old days of hooting for their favorite cars instead of just hooting for their favorite driver or manufacturer. Another advantage that these cars could bring to the fold is that are not as easy to handle for the drivers. This brings the focus back on driver skills which was missing in the past few years. Lastly, these new cars might also help in restoring the old era creativity which teams used to gain an edge over each other and in turn restore the true charm and spirit of NASCAR.


NASCAR’s New Car Models For 2013 Remind Of The Glorious Days Of The Past

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The Future Of NASCAR Seems A Lot Like Its Past – And That’s Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

The past Wednesday gave us a glimpse at the future of NASCAR racing. The biggest plus was that it seemed right out of our textbooks reminding us of the glorious days of our past. The biggest disadvantage of the modern day NASCAR car models was that they were completely stripped out of their older era individuality and one could hardly distinguish in between the Ford or the Chevrolet or the Toyota. This was due to a major shift in trend which concentrated on bringing out cars that looked a lot like the ones standing in the showrooms to boost sales.

The Glorious Days Of The Past

However, this was not always the case. A few decades ago, every manufacturer had their unique cars which stood out in their individuality from one another. Most of these cars were built to get the little advantages a manufacturer could. One saw an amazing array of spoiler sizes or the nose changes or constant changes in technology from one track to the other. As a result, a car which ran beautifully in Michigan might not be as good at Daytona. This uncertainty was one of the most appealing aspects of NASCAR. However, following the death of Dale Earnhardt in 2001, NASCAR underwent tremendous changes to improve driver safety. As a result, the cars were completely redesigned to improve their safety features which enhanced driver safety to such a tremendous level that drivers could walk away from major accidents unscathed. However, in doing so, the NASCAR cars were stripped out of their individuality. Thus, one of the main purposes of the manufacturers which was to promote their specific brands was completely defeated.