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NASCAR Drivers Earning Led By Dale Jr And Jimmie Johnson

When Forbes released the list of top paid NASCAR drivers, it was no surprise that the top two positions were taken by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmie Johnson.  Last year’s Cup Series Champion Brad Keselowski was in 10th place and there is a lot of difference between the top 2 and the 10th position. The fact is that Jimmie Johnson in 2nd place has double the earnings of Brad Keselowski. These figures represent not just the track earning, but also the earnings from promotions and other advertisements add to the earnings.
Top 10 Of Forbe’s List Of Top Paid NASCAR Drivers
1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $25.9 million

2. Jimmie Johnson – $23 million

3. Tony Stewart – $18.7 million

4. Jeff Gordon – $18.1 million

5. Carl Edwards – $13.7 millionDale Earnhardt Jr

6. Kevin Harvick – $13 million

7. Danica Patrick – $12.9 million

8. Kyle Busch – $12.5 million

9. Kasey Kahne – $12 million

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

10. Brad Keselowski – $11.4 million
What Are The Earnings That Are Used To Decide The Forbe’s List Top Earnings?
The Forbe’s list that has been released has Dale Earnhardt Jr leading the way with Jimmie Johnson behind him and the earnings are not just based on their earnings on track. The fact that Earnhardt is still the first choice when it comes to merchandise promotion is the factor why he is on the top step with deals that he currently has with Wrangler, Chevy, Nationwide and Goody’s. He has started a new venture in partnership with KLN Family Brands in the name of Dale Jr. Foods. The new venture is up and running and the products have already hit stores. Danica Patrick also has a few endorsements and that has been able to move her up to 7th position just a bit off Kevin Harvick at 6th position.