Exciting news from Nascar

The one who won
Matt KensethIt was good luck for Kenseth when his third win came on the occasion of his 41st birthday. You must have seen all the exciting news breaking out on blogs and sites if not on the television. The main reason was the superb condition of Math Kenseth’ car. It has performed well for the third time in three consecutive races this season. The number twenty team was especially happy to see it pay off in the final round. Kenseth and his Dollar General Toyota car piloted to a win on Sunday at the Kobalt Tools 400 race on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway event. The race was on his birthday and he was charged to hold off Kasey Kahne in the final 30 laps. It was certainly a duel to match and watch. The victory lap came when the late pit stop came on and Kenseth merely refueled. After that he was out on the pit road and onto his winning streak when other cars were busy getting two car tires replaced.
Stats of Kenseth’s victory
If you have been following the statistics of the races in which Kenseth has participated you will notice:
This win was the third win of Kenseth at Las Vegas
It was a first since 2004
He became the third driver in the series to win on his birthday
When Kenseth was asked the reasons for his win he stated that, though he does not believe in setting goals, his goal was to win this time and he wanted to win early in the game. He knew that there was no pressure except the pressure that he applied to himself. He also knew that his Coach expected him to win the races and he did not want to disappoint anyone.
Other stats of the game
Besides Kenseth, the other winners and other statistics of the game are:
The top five drivers were Kahne, Brad Keselowski, Busch, Carl Edwards – in that order
Jimmie Johnson finished in the sixth position and he left Las Vegas as the leader of the series
He ended with five points ahead of Keselowski and earned ten points ahead of Earnhardt who finished in the third place
The state of those who did not win
Those who do not achieve their desired objective turn up frustrated. Keselowski dropped to the 13th place due to a mishap that occurred on the pit road. He and his crew had to change four tires. Keselowski finished fourth in Daytona and Phoenix events and he was not happy with his performance at this race. He felt that they have to get better at execution in order to better their luck at winning. Kahne and Johnson were close contestants and Busch ended up fourth while on Saturday he had come in second place. Nascar car rallies are a great thrill for car racing fans. Car rally weekends are eagerly awaited for by fans all over Las Vegas and from other parts of the country.