Darrell Wallace Jr

The Practice of Wallace and Frewaldt Got Interrupted With the Accident at Phoenix

With so many incidences and accidents taking place at the time of driving, reckless news has landed up. This time it is Darrell Wallace Jr who will be in trouble. Reports says that NASCAR is planning to punish the celebrity for his on-track altercation with Chad Frewaldt due to which at the time of practice both the drivers crash down badly at the Phoenix International Raceway. It was certainly one life threatening experience for which NASCAR don’t want to take the risk again.
About the Incident
During the practices, it was Wallace who had finished up his 3rd round and was hearing for the 4th one, when he passed Frewaldt. However, later what the scenario happened is not clear but the Wallace’s truck got spun around and got hit against the wall as it went sliding down the track. At such point of time, luckily Frewaldt was in the car and did not get hurt.
What the Drivers have to comment?
After this experience, it was Wallace who got really upset with the whole scenario what he wanted to actually punch Frewaldt. However, as he was in the practice and was wearing helmet, seems he changed his mind
Know the scenario
Thankfully none of the drivers got injured which is really a great news.
However, as the situation seemed to be more of the careless scenarios, it seems that NASCAR is expected to take a serious action against the drivers.
The vice president of NASCAR commented that age is one such factor that keeps the young men always excited and in competitive spirit.
Both the drivers were later sent to the NASCAR hauler.
Looking at the overall senior it seems that the NASCAR is yet to deice of the penalties and jump on certain conclusion. So let us cross the finger and hope that things get back in action pretty smoothly.