Chevrolet SS

New Series of cars from NASCAR piping up in the Market

An Eye opens towards Newbies in Car Racing Zone
NASCAR Changes CarCar racing epic ear was initiated long years ago but today’s platform seem to be totally airy, if you are participating for the first time then having an acquaintance involved in the same with you could help to create a better environment for your conscious to perform. There are automobile makers where in they make models of various ranges depending upon the capacity and other equipments installed in it. Between both the points, you can include as many tag points as you want using various equipments. Choosing your car type from the available range of options can be the most feasible option while buying car.
So, when a house is being built the roof is the part which is given special attention to roof, similarly car design has to be minutely look on fuel engine part. A good Roof Exhauster system keeps a balance on the mobility of air in and out where in the case of cars it has to be kept alive with new attempts for every battle. NASCAR Changes Car2This is what the public is actually looking for? From the charm of its oldest version, it has been rolling ahead to top and has been striving hard to provide people smashing range of cars. This car is easy for drivers to handle and manage it even when the speed crosses high limit.
The Ford Fusion
In a recent big show, there was entry of three new vehicles namely: Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Chevrolet SS. It almost dazzled the spectators from their runway bringing back those cheers and huge loud applause. Car loves would surely go hooting around the car manufacturers as they have brought back the time of great skills with cutting edge.

Chevrolet to Roll out SS High Performance Sedan.2

While the performance of SS is expected to be high, there are also drawbacks seen by experts. The timing of the release may be wrong, given the soaring gas prices and fuel economy standards. The SS runs on V8, meaning it is not as fuel efficient as other vehicles. However, a GM spokesman countered that the latest model won’t bring down Chevrolet’s fuel economy, as it would be sold in a limited number only. Those car enthusiasts who are willing to shell out money for such a power car are the only ones targeted by the brand, the spokesman added. With its four-door type, the SS may also be perfect for driving and racing enthusiasts with family.


Chevy aficionados are expected to welcome the latest model the moment it hits the market. It is seen as a part of Chevrolet’s efforts to boost its rear-wheel-drive sedan division and make a turn in the market. GM said before that V8 cars have not much of a room in the US market due to strict government rules that drive car manufacturers to focus more on fuel economy.

Chevrolet to Roll out SS High Performance Sedan.1

Chevrolet will debut in the NASCAR Sprint Cup next year with its new SS rear-wheel-drive sedan.  It will be Chevrolet’s first time to offer such a type of sedan since the reign of Pontiac G8 17 years ago. The V8-powered SS model is patterned after the Holden VF Commodore, which is also a rear-wheel-drive sedan that is available in Australia. The SS will be Chevrolet’s contender at NASCAR at the 2013 Daytona 500.  It will replace the Impala. General Motors Co. (GM), Chevrolet’s parent company, announced that the SS line would be available in the market late next year but only on a limited edition. It will not be a mainstream car and it would only be offered to a group of NASCAR vehicle enthusiasts.

Though there are few details about SS’ specifications and performance, it is expected to go over six liters and reach about 400hp. Many already assume that the SS, which is a short term for Super Short, will be kind of a fusion of Pontiac GXP and police-only Chevy Caprice. The SS will add to Chevrolet’s set of rear-wheel-drive vehicles that also include the Chevrolet Camaro and the Corvette. The difference is that the Camaro is a two-door car run by a V6 engine, while the V8-powered Corvette sports car doesn’t have the same space as a four-door sedan has.