Chevrolet to Roll out SS High Performance Sedan.1

Chevrolet will debut in the NASCAR Sprint Cup next year with its new SS rear-wheel-drive sedan.  It will be Chevrolet’s first time to offer such a type of sedan since the reign of Pontiac G8 17 years ago. The V8-powered SS model is patterned after the Holden VF Commodore, which is also a rear-wheel-drive sedan that is available in Australia. The SS will be Chevrolet’s contender at NASCAR at the 2013 Daytona 500.  It will replace the Impala. General Motors Co. (GM), Chevrolet’s parent company, announced that the SS line would be available in the market late next year but only on a limited edition. It will not be a mainstream car and it would only be offered to a group of NASCAR vehicle enthusiasts.

Though there are few details about SS’ specifications and performance, it is expected to go over six liters and reach about 400hp. Many already assume that the SS, which is a short term for Super Short, will be kind of a fusion of Pontiac GXP and police-only Chevy Caprice. The SS will add to Chevrolet’s set of rear-wheel-drive vehicles that also include the Chevrolet Camaro and the Corvette. The difference is that the Camaro is a two-door car run by a V6 engine, while the V8-powered Corvette sports car doesn’t have the same space as a four-door sedan has.

With Carl Edward’s Penalty, NASCAR Credibility is at Stakes

The issues are about Carl Edward’s getting penalized on the restart on lap 319 of the 400 lap event. NASCAR issued the penalty when Edward beats Tony Steward after some dispute on who’s the real leader. However, some NASCAR observers that there’s some doubts on the said call. 

Carl Edward believes that he’s the leader and even asked his spotter to see who’s the real leader when Tony Steward was declared as the real leader. NASCAR Vice-President Robin Pemberton said that Edward restarted before the designated restart zone and therefore was penalized and this has nothing to do with beating Tony Steward.

NASCAR officials said that Edward was informed that Steward is the leader and therefore he should not have beaten Steward and it’s just correct to serve him a pass-through penalty. However, Edward disagreed with NASCAR officials saying the officials made mistake and wondered why the officials black-flagged him. He said the official told him that they’re both the leaders that’s why he made the best restart even when he’s in a worst position.

The issues is now on NASCAR official giving wrong information to Edward’s spotter. This is giving NASCAR credibility issue based on what had happened for both drivers.

Edward insisted that A NASCAR official has relayed a wrong information to his spotter and blamed NASCAR for his supposed penalty. This places NASCAR in a situation where NASCAR credibility is questioned with delivering information that is unclear and inaccurate.

However if the issue is untrue and without basis, NASCAR is still in question for another controversy. That’s for caution flag for 12 laps remaining that have resulted in pits stops.

Carl Edward and Tony Steward are both speculated to push their best win after the controversial call. Edward is bending on questioning the call and still insisting that the call is unclear and inaccurate and he must not be penalized.

NASCAR has been in the scenes for imposing questionable penalties. Just recently, NASCAR announcement of making public first before imposing any penalties for drivers was met with great enthusiasm from drivers and racing fans. In the past NASCAR imposes penalty even without addressing it to the drivers concerned and this position made drivers asked for reforms on NASCAR’s rules and regulation. The move was welcomed by drivers and racing fans.

NASCAR is a regulating body for racing events and driver’s members and has successfully regulated racing events and drivers for the past years amidst a few controversies that has tested NASCAR’s credibility.


NASCAR and Kansas Speedway along with other official partners of NASCAR have showcased different types of environmental sustainability projects and programs.  These will be witnessed every week at the different race tracks in the different parts of the country and will not only be witnessed during the Earth Day alone but in other days of the month too.
Of the man different environment friendly activities that are taking place in Kansas, the following activities are also included in the list of activities:
Sprint, one of NASCAR’s sponsors will be staged to implement Recycle for Victory. This is a wireless program for recycling which aims to benefit the charity.
NASCAR’s partner American Ethanol will paint the tracks with green
NASCAR’s partners Coors Light and Coca-Cola will be staged to educate fans about the benefits of recycling; they will encourage people to drop aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the designated bins.
A thirty-second spot on FOX TV will be given to NASCAR to air its green platform by 1 PM.
The green logo of NASCAR will appear for the first time at the event’s infield grasses.
The pace car will be a hybrid Toyota Camry and will be the one to carry NACAR’s green logo.
Donation of ten trees to Governor’s Challenge for every dropped green flag over the weekend.

NASCAR Released White Paper for Earth Day

Daytona Beach, Florida – this April, NASCAR has launched white paper in consonance to their various programs that made NASCAR the leader in terms of green initiatives in all different types of sports.  The sustainability has illustrated the different steps which NASCAR has dome in the field of educating fans from all around the world, reducing sports’ environmental impacts, and in the validation of the green technologies. All of these are mainly for both tracks.

The managing director for NASCAR’s green innovation Michael Lynch declared that this report has brought substantial examples of the NASCAR’s commitment in the innovation of green revolution and its role as the leader in the field of sustainability. The NASCAR team is doing its best to create advance and innovative platforms that are designed to help in the reduction of their sport’s environmental impact.

The releasing of white paper is coincidental with the Sunday Cup Series, a special racing event that was held in Kansas. This momentous event has also taken place in the celebration of Earth Day. This is such a spectacular event because NASCAR will take its toll in imparting earth-friendly moves that will help in the campaign of environmental-friendly sports.

Unfortunate Turn of Events at NASCAR

I just love Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion and I got one for free just by mentioning Ryan Newman’s name since they have been sponsoring his NASCAR bid for the longest time.  Each time Newman makes it to the Top 10 in the race, the steakhouse chain offers the bonus absolutely free. However, David Reutimann does not share the same happy fate because he unfortunately was the cause of some serious mishaps and the dramatic alteration of what could have been a different race ending.
Everything seemed to set for drivers Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon alternating on the lead in the middle of the 300 laps. For the first 328 laps, Gordon was on the lead but Johnson suddenly surged up front right on the 356th. At that point, it was head to head between the two until the final laps. And then, a caution was announced on lap 496 that totally altered the entire complexion of the race.
When the green and white checkered restart was up, with both Gordon and Johnson on the lead, Clint Bowyer dove into turn one, which sent both leaders spinning like crazy on the racetrack. All of a sudden, Ryan Newman found himself on the lead coming from seventh and the two lead drivers had to settle for top 13 finishes. The reason why Bowyer tripped was due to the actions of David Reutimann.
Actually, it was not only Jimmie and Johnson who was displaced by Reutimann’s ill-fated mishap. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was solid on third and was looking for ways to overtake the other two on the lead. He was eventually caught up in the spin but good driving skills still helped him end the race on third. Right after the race, Earnhardt Jr. mentioned his disapproval of what transpired in the race and his annoyance on Reutimann.
Reutimann explained what really occurred, “It broke a tie rod or something like that,” he added. “I was just trying to limp around there. We needed to finish next couple of laps to try to stay in the top 35. Then the motor had been breaking up for the last couple of laps. It broke a timing belt or whatever down the back straightaway, and the motor just quit. I would not have stopped on the freaking racetrack. I would have limped it around there and come to pit road, which is what I was trying to do. The thing quit going down the back straightaway, and it shut off. I just didn’t stop there intentionally. I know it sucks. I hate it for everybody that it affected, but I mean I can’t get out and push the thing. You know, it shut off. It’s that simple.”

Bristol Motor Speedway Renovation

NASCAR drivers share views over Bristol Motor Speedway renovation. When asked about how they feel about Bristol Motor Speedway plan of renovation, Nascar Sprint Cup Series drivers shared mixed emotions and some even suggest that it was only minimal tire degradation and nothing serious needs the attention.

Bristol Motor Speedway

Nascar Drivers views were reactions to the announcement of Bristol Motor Speedway owner Bruton Smith that the track needs to undergo some changes and modifications including some upgrading jobs. Although what has to be done is not revealed, Bruton is all set to start the renovation before Nascar comes back for the second race this coming August.

The track was said to be on its way to regain its history of full packed attendance and fast selling of tickets. It was seen as an effort to bring back again the crowd that has been decreasing through the years since 2007. The poor attendance of last month’s Bristol Cup race which only drew of just over 100,000 and less than what is expected. The crowd is only two thirds of its full grandstand capacity and Bristol management saw this as a sign that change must takes place immediately.

Kevin Harvick agrees that it’s about time that changes must take place. He expressed his thoughts on the issue of having bigger venue and said that sometimes it’s not always better and Bristol is not always better as they are sometimes. Harvick expressed satisfaction for the fact that Bristol has realized that they have a problem. He contested the view that guys can always change tires and said that it was a race and not just plain replacing or changing tires all the time.

He admitted that people are thinking that Bristol has to put back the track where it was before. He told that he had been telling the Bristol ever since the first day of the race that there’s something need to be done and now he’s at peace that Bristol had realized what he had been telling all the time. He is also hoping that Bristol would do a good job.

Meanwhile former Bristol winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. has pointed that there’s no need to change the track again and pointed to the tires as the most important factor in reviving the crowd at the track. Denny Hamlin agreeing to Earnhardt that the lack of tire degradation is the real issue although Goodyear has issued some changes on tire specification, and led to tires manufacturers to be more conservative on their production approach.

With so much debates, NASCAR drivers are still bent on seeing what has to be done while Smith is doing negotiation for financial assistance from Tennessee state government and reveals his plans for reconfiguration.

SVP Brooks Expected to Leave NASCAR in May

Daytona Beach, Florida – NASCAR has announced last Monday that NASCAR’s Senior Vice President Paul Brooks, also the president for NASCAR Media Group will be leaving the portals of NASCAR on the 4th of May, 2012.  The reason behind his plan of leaving is to set a time for personal and business interests intended for him and his family as well.
Paul Brooks has served in the NASCAR for nineteen years but his resignation does not mean that he will be totally leaving NASCAR. In fact, he will still continue to serve as a senior adviser to the NASCAR Company in some areas like broadcasting, innovation, and media strategy.
Brooks’ accomplishments in the company are immeasurable. In fact, Brooks has significantly contributed to the great success being enjoyed by the industry for the last couple of decades. His existence in the industry has triggered many people to be prepared in the different areas of the industry and this preparation is for the expansion and for the future growth of the company.
According to Brian France, NASCAR’s chief executive and chairman, the company is so grateful working with Paul Brooks and they are thankful for his years of unstoppable and immeasurable dedication. The company also stresses that they will support every undertaking Brooks has to do and they wish the best of luck to him and to his family as well. Brian France also quoted, “Paul Brooks will be greatly missed in the industry.”
As for Brooks, he mentioned that he has a good list of big interests and ideas which he is meant to explore and this transition that he is about to do in May has been well-planned. He also added that he had a great time working with one of the most respected and most successful American businesses, which mainly focus on professional sports. He even added that he has high respects for NASCAR, to the France family, and to the president of NASCAR, Mike Helton. He said that he believes that NASCAR is positioned to undergo massive growths in the future.
Among the remarkable accomplishments of Brooks for the NASCAR Company include:
– Being in the first team, which developed the long-term consolidation of NASCAR’s TV and media agreements with NBC, FOX, FX, turner, NASCAR TV on Speed, and ABC/ESPN.

– Launched the 24-hour radio channel for on XM satellite for NASCAR radio

– He joined the negotiating team, which brought up Sprint-Nextel as sponsor to the sport thus the birth of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and NEXTEL Cup Series.

Bringing Green Concept to NASCAR Race

The growth of hybrid cars from the use of fuel-cell battery, renewable energy source and electric engines are taking its trend and vast popularity in NASCAR’s race. Home to one of the world’s best track racing event in history, the Sprint Cup category has apparently pursue famous drivers to give fans a surprise craze. When the attention of such drag racing limits to the general technical specs and body styling, it was too common and the thus, the production decided to dealt contenders not just to contribute a race of the title but also a race for the environment.

We know greatly how excited fans are when NASCAR events reach out prestigious car designs equipped with powerful aerodynamic stature. However, using electric cars to the track is somewhat new to viewers if you ask them frankly. They know the pros and cons and the full capacity to race a vehicle that has only spark plugs to charge the engine.

For instance, dating back the generation of R07 Chevrolet engine began to set up a classy power plant when small-block generation 2 (SB2) type didn’t click to most automakers design. NASCAR rules and regulations regarding the limits of using such engines require technical improvements for cylinder barrels, blocks and some rotating components to propel the production system more reliable for a race vehicle. According to technicians, the latest R07 engine is better upgraded than the camshaft used in SB2 because of its potential to blast pushrods shorter and smoother when given the test to run at higher rims per minute. What about the pistons and cooling system around the cylinder barrels? Well, for this engine, you don’t have to worry about its critical heat limits because it is already made to refine the coolant flow within the mechanics.

Meanwhile, when hybrid autos are drifting new generation of power train, automakers decided to run test drives for the purpose of track racing. Eventually, thanks to technology, traditional NASCAR vehicles are now revolutionized to modern green autos. Public car shows unveils many green NASCAR cars that has proven the best power train performance you could ever see. One of the recorded highlights among the finest vehicles in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup race is Johnson’s entry to the circuit.

Chad Knaus Talks about NASCAR Imposed Penalty

It was his first time to meet the press and talk about NASCAR penalties him and his team received from the sanctioning body. Earlier NASCAR imposed penalty on his team for illegally modified car.
Knaus said that he is saddened by the penalty since he and his team worked hard in preparation for the Daytona 500 and would not hide his indignation over the imposed penalty and wished that NASCAR could have assess the violation in more acceptable terms. 
Knaus team merited a six-week suspension each after NASCAR found the C-post of the car was illegally modified. The penalty carries a fine of $100,000 for knaus and slashed with 25 driver points and 25 owner points. The sanction came at a day before to running Bud-shootout non point events and exactly nine days before the much awaited running Daytona 500 and have busted the high hopes of the team for getting on the tracks. Knaus and his team is not happy and was surprised when the sanction came sending them in high emotions.
But, with recent NASCAR change of policy, Knaus is availing the possibility to go on appeals and find NASCAR being open to it makes them optimistic enough to get the results on their favor. Knaus admitted that in the past, NASCAR has changed, reversed or maximized the penalty they have imposed and just hope the best possible will happen to him and his team.

In the past, Knaus has been penalized nine times by NASCAR and had clashes with the sanctioning body in the interpretation of some of its rules. Knaus credentials include five Sprint Cup Championships with Johnson and a well-respected 11-year career as crew chief. He is lucky to win one appeal case with NASCAR and hope his luck will double this time.

Knaus airs his side about the violation although they’re planning to make an appeal. He said that questioned templates were all visual and in fact has never gotten to be presented to the car. That’s what he and his team is appealing of.
Knaus continues to say that he never expected anything of it. He and his team work hard to come out with a champion car and race it on the track. The sad thing is NASCAR saw something they didn’t like and he and his team just got penalized.
While Knaus is yet to make an appeal, Johnson, Chad Knaus co-leader and driver said that what’s important is what will happen in Phoenix and had put aside the Daytona fiasco.

Bad News For Multi-Awarded Knaus

Chad KnausChevrolet No. 48 crew chief Chad Knaus has been slapped with suspension and accompanying penalties in connection with an allegedly illegally modified car he is prepping up for the upcoming Daytona 500. Feeling “deeply saddened”, Knaus for the first time announced in public the details surrounding the perceived irregularities in the car adjustments that he handled including the consequences that he will be facing. He met with the media before his team’s practice sessions for the Subway Fresh Fit 500 to be held at the Phoenix International Raceway.

Saying that he did not expect the results of the findings, Knaus said, “We do, and unfortunately they didn’t like something and they addressed that.” Together with Ron Malec, Chad Knaus was handed down with a six-week suspension after NASCAR officials discovered that the C-posts in the car Knaus prepared were illegitimately modified. The inspection was done in Daytona last February 17, nine days shy of the Daytona 500. Aside from the one and a half month suspension, Knaus is also fined $100,000 and the team was deducted 25 owner points and 25 driver points. Although a request for appeal was granted, there is no date set yet for the hearing.
However, Knaus feels positive on the appeal process. He said that they have a strong case because the car, which failed in the last inspection, is the very same car with the same modifications, which passed numerous inspections in four preceding races in Talladega and Daytona. “It’s unfortunate that I have to keep taking advantage of the process from time to time, but it’s good that it’s there. We’ve seen some things changed or reversed or even maximized through that process,” Knaus said.
Incidentally, with his 11 years running as a crew chief, Chad Knaus had been penalized nine times and had experienced got suspended three times by NASCAR. Nevertheless, he has won the Sprint Cup championship five times. And, his positive outlook on the appeal may be fueled by his winning an appeal in a previous hearing.
The C-posts, when strategically adjusted, can provide aerodynamic advantage to the car driver. Knaus mentioned that he respected the inspection process and he wants to have his day in the appeals hearing I order to prove his point. The dilemma of the team is that they do not know who will replace Knaus if the appeal is turned down and he serves his six-week suspension.