New Announcement of Toyota for NASCAR

What is new in NASCAR today is the new revelation of Toyota. Kyle Busch is an 85-time winner in NASCAR’s three national touring series in Toyota. Other than that, he is also the lucky one who has been chosen to ride the new racecar of Toyota, called the 2013 Toyota Camry, last Tuesday.
Kyle Busch said that he has done a lot of work with Toyota including working for their commercials that is why he feels good to drive the car and had the 2013 Toyota Camry unveiled for the public. Kyle Busch also said that the Camry looks really cool and that he is looking forward to drive it in a real race, which will be in February 2013 in the Spirit Cup Series at the time of the Speed week.
The 2013 Toyota Camry has been the third car that Toyota had made public, after revealing the Ford Fusion and the Dodge Charger. All car manufacturing companies, except the Chevrolet, had articulated their wish to do business with NASCAR.
Toyota officials said that the 2013 Camry race-car is designed with a new front-grille that suits the production model, plus a unique character lines in the side of the vehicle and an improved rear bumper. The president of Toyota Racing Development in the U.S.A., Lee White, said that they wanted their race cars to look more like their models of production stock and that the 2013 Camry race car looks really great that everyone at their company wants to have their drivers in race cars that look a lot like the street Camry.
TRD’s vice president of chassis engineering, Andy Graves said that after the last 18 months, the car manufacturing companies have all come together in race track or through conference calls to engage a work with NASCAR’s direction where they place their production car elements into the race cars while keeping fairness and equality.
Those present at the announcement were the president of NASCAR, Mike Helton and the Vice President of Competition and Racing Development, Robin Pemberton. Robin Pemberton, worshipped all the car manufacturers for coming and working together for their new 2013 race car models. Mike Helton said that it is a new era of cooperation and that it is a nodal point in the history of NASCAR.
With this new NASCAR announcements form the manufacturers of race cars there is an even that is a really must-wait and must-see. Everyone who is into this kind of sport will surely look forward to that event.