NASCAR Sets New Ruling for 2013 Budweiser Shootout

Budweiser Shootout for 2013 is now going to be for drivers who win pole position for the races of the current year’s season. This was announced by NASCAR recently stating for the non-profit Speed Weeks exhibition race for stock cars. 
The big change was believed to be NASCAR’s way to put emphasis on the qualifying sessions before the event takes place. The big change will put attention for the past pole winners where 18 has been tallied. The 2013 pre-qualifying Shootout will also have previous winners with the likes of Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards. The list goes to Kurt Busch, Tony Steward, Dale Earnhardt and also Denny Hamlin, Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon.
The decision is to assure star power to boost the racing event. The week’s pole award has Coors as sponsor while rival Budweiser sponsors the Shootout.
NASCAR did not issue any reaction and instead John Darby, director for the competition said that everybody is happy that the race ends up the way it has been predicted. Adding furthermore, that everybody is from different old school that are trying to give the guys some little push that they need so much showing off a non- disappointing race. He said that all is now on the drivers’ ability to give or not to give an exciting race. The race is non profit and it sure to make everybody excited to give it some nice kick off. 
The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is a governing and sanctioning body for auto racing events. It is a family owned and business operated founded by Bill France. It is now headed by Bill France’s grandson; Brian France who has been acting as its CEO since 2009. Spirit Cup Series, Camping World Series and Nationwide Series are stock racing events that have been under NASCAR sanctioning and governance. NASCAR has sanctioning power over 1500 races all over 100 race track in different States in USA and has overseeing duties for MASCAR Local Racing and for Whelen All-American Series.
Besides sanctioning functions, NASCAR has a hand over imposing safety rules for drivers and driving. It has implemented several safety measures for drivers like “SAFER BARRIER” rule safeguarding driver’s injuries and fatalities. NASCAR also has adopted of “HANS DEVICE” for drivers’ protection against neck injuries and imposed the Car Of Tomorrow where racing cars will have to be redesigned with higher roof while having driver’s seat gearing toward the center and wider cockpit for driver’s quick mobility.
Although NASCAR has been in the middle of many controversies, it still continue to be the only stock car racing body that has the highest patronage based on coverage and tickets sales.