NASCAR Released White Paper for Earth Day

Daytona Beach, Florida – this April, NASCAR has launched white paper in consonance to their various programs that made NASCAR the leader in terms of green initiatives in all different types of sports.  The sustainability has illustrated the different steps which NASCAR has dome in the field of educating fans from all around the world, reducing sports’ environmental impacts, and in the validation of the green technologies. All of these are mainly for both tracks.

The managing director for NASCAR’s green innovation Michael Lynch declared that this report has brought substantial examples of the NASCAR’s commitment in the innovation of green revolution and its role as the leader in the field of sustainability. The NASCAR team is doing its best to create advance and innovative platforms that are designed to help in the reduction of their sport’s environmental impact.

The releasing of white paper is coincidental with the Sunday Cup Series, a special racing event that was held in Kansas. This momentous event has also taken place in the celebration of Earth Day. This is such a spectacular event because NASCAR will take its toll in imparting earth-friendly moves that will help in the campaign of environmental-friendly sports.