NASCAR Prexy Mike Helton Says MIS Safe

Mike Helton, NASCAR sitting president since 2000 has a light mood when during a talk with Robin Pemberton, the senior VP of Competition and Racing development was quoted as saying that for a moment he sees Michigan International Speedway (MIS) as safe.
Mike Helton has the reputation of staring one down at the best or worst time and who loves wearing cowboy boots and sporting a black y mustache.  He was in a good mood to discuss about repaved racetrack of MIS, which is considered the stock car racings fastest, but scariest oval. He talked about how he felt about MIS and its bursting power and strength while trying to keeping thing overboard. The sport events.
He talked about resurfacing and how it always been on the faster range experience. He pinpointed it to technology and how Robin together with his team done all the possible jobs on keeping the cars on the ground. He said that they’re always after safety and putting it at the highest level and that they have never stopped working to keep it on the ground. Mike Helton recognizes how speed can translate to excitement while on the ground and it would not be different if it’s from MIS or Talladega or Indianapolis. He even expanded on how drivers get excited going fast for 200 m.p.h. lap and considered it a cool thing seeing drivers go excited and comfortable with the speed. Helton however agrees that with speed, responsibility goes with it.