NASCAR Preseason Thunder Strikes Daytona

The heat is on as the event at Daytona Beach takes place. The shrouded mist was totally removed as the Preseason Thunder in Daytona surges the dust bin. The 2012 event will happen in the aim to open and make adjustments for a conditioned and safe altitude.

After the sizzling afternoon of practice session to be held on the day of Thursday, NASCAR had announced the changes that will happen for today’s session for testing.  There would be an increase of diameter in the restrictor plate of opening ranging from one over thirty second inch up to fifteen over sixteenth inches. The changes will aim in adding the estimated total of twenty horsepower to the engine plus the increase in the velocity.  In addition, vehicles are said to have lowered their pressure valve setting ranging to 30psi up to 25 psi plus narrowed grille opening to decrease airflow in the engine. The potential of the adjustments was made to decrease lap numbers so that the cars will push one another and avoid overheating.

NASCAR officials stated that the event was not only to test teams but for the NASCAR as well; the main aim of the officials is to maintain the safety and improve the performance of the vehicles.

Mike Helton, NASCAR president stated that the organization aims to reach the goal of being responsible in making decisions to keep the race perfect for everybody and reach their expectation during the coming Daytona 500. The statement was given by Helton during lunch break addressing the media’s of today’s session. In addition, he also stated to balance and watch the speed to make everybody comfortable.

The event is open to all drivers with a well-tuned car with good performance. Officials of the said event shall be checking the course to make the race safe for everyone and so that everybody would enjoy. As the event walks closer, fans and other enthusiasts prepared themselves to witnessing the action and the chance to capture every highlight of the race.

NASCAR requires drivers in participating the drafting session in assisting and giving them information. Officials are hoping to be able to apply a baseline when drivers come back for the Speedweeks happening next month. The drafting was very interesting, seeing restrictor plates and smaller spoiler, Jeff Gordon stated that the cars got power and speed that would make the race very exciting!