NASCAR News on The Go

NASCAR news is followed by all the fans who await news of the car racing events that this organization holds.all star1 Today, due to the availability of the internet, there are news updates every day and even every minute when a race is on. Thus, even if you are far away from the main racing event, you can stay connected wherever you are. Not only can you find the latest update on your laptop, you can even have the mobile application downloaded to catch every moment of the racing action online on your smart phone.
Sprint Vote Participation
Current news of NASCAR is that the Sprint fan vote is in. Thus, if you are a race fan you can now cast your vote in favor of your favorite driver. If you vote so and your favorite driver wins, he or she can be seen at the all star races to be held in May of this year. all starVoting will go on for more than a month and will end on the day of the motor speedway race on May 18th. What is more fun is the provision to vote multiple times within this period. If you wish to have the NASCAR news with you on the go you can download the mobile application that has been developed mainly to cast votes for this race. The votes will count and double up against the scores of each driver.
Importance Of The Vote
There have been many instances in the past when the Sprint vote event has helped a driver secure a position in the all star race and get an opportunity to win. There are radio coverages as well as online and television coverage and hence, there is no way you will miss out the latest news of the race.