NASCAR News: Giants Propelled for the Super Bowl Triumph and Victory

In Daytona Beach, Florida the Giants made it possible to defeat the NE Patriots at the Daytona Football 500.  The game employed awe-inspiring, thrilling, and breathtaking defensive package that was named after an equally awe-inspiring, thrilling, and breathtaking sport called NASCAR which is expected to be held again this February.

The moniker and its origin: makes sense.  Have a look…

De Justin has attended college in Notre Dame, a 3-hour drive from the Indianapolis Motors Speedway. If you are going to look at Justin during the game, you will be reminded of a person in the 1989 Daytona International Speedway Competition who has bagged the championship title? The man referred to here is Darrell Waltrip

De Osi Umenyiora now comes with that energetic swim move who went to college in Troy University, a school which is 2.5 hours’ drive from Talladega Speedway. His moves were quite fabulous during the game: juking right and swatting the helpless defender then launching left. With all these moves, can you still imagine the slingshot maneuver which also happen on the February 26 Lap 200?

De Jason Piere-Paul now gets everyone down. This guy went to south Florida University near the NASCAR bookend tracks – the Homestead and Daytona Miami Speedway. JPP’s specialty is to make off-the-block speeds and he makes sure that this specialty is performed each time he joins a single game. If only NFL had the award for the fastest during the restart then this award (NASCAR has), JPP will get the award every time.

With all these backgrounds of these amazing guys, there is no wonder why they are nicknamed as Giants after making a victorious run during the most competitive type of motor sport in the world.

Justin Tuck said the Giants came up with the NASCAR spirit. They call NASCAR as their speed package. The Gants call NASCAR that way simply because they are all, in some ways related to NASCAR and Speedmotors and that is something that feels right to them.

If there’s going to be a competition on who is really the fastest then that remains to be unraveled soon.
Many of the NASCAR drivers who appeared the Super Bowl include Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer, Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne, Ty and Austin Dillon. These guys and others made the event quite exciting for spectators and players as well.

The next Daytona 500 NASCAR’s best will come running on February 26, 1 PM on FOX.