NASCAR and Kansas Speedway along with other official partners of NASCAR have showcased different types of environmental sustainability projects and programs.  These will be witnessed every week at the different race tracks in the different parts of the country and will not only be witnessed during the Earth Day alone but in other days of the month too.
Of the man different environment friendly activities that are taking place in Kansas, the following activities are also included in the list of activities:
Sprint, one of NASCAR’s sponsors will be staged to implement Recycle for Victory. This is a wireless program for recycling which aims to benefit the charity.
NASCAR’s partner American Ethanol will paint the tracks with green
NASCAR’s partners Coors Light and Coca-Cola will be staged to educate fans about the benefits of recycling; they will encourage people to drop aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the designated bins.
A thirty-second spot on FOX TV will be given to NASCAR to air its green platform by 1 PM.
The green logo of NASCAR will appear for the first time at the event’s infield grasses.
The pace car will be a hybrid Toyota Camry and will be the one to carry NACAR’s green logo.
Donation of ten trees to Governor’s Challenge for every dropped green flag over the weekend.