Marcose Amrose is All Back in Action

Marcos who has amazingly shown his good performance in NASCAR for eight seasons is now hoping to end the ninth season and win the show this time as well. mmmmmHe says that the he treats the show more like place in which he enjoys 12 months holiday. Once he will return to the Richard Petty Motorsports season show, he is expected to join the team no.9.
About Macros Amrose
He is one of the popular Australian racing rivers who has won so many awards and is quite popular. He drives No 9 Stanley Ford Fusion for Richard Petty Motorsports. He has also won Australian V8 Supercar champion in 2003 and 2004 and is one of the best supercar racer of the era. He is amongst that top Australian driver who has won the high level of NASCAR.hhh
Born and bought up in Tasmania, Australia, Macros is son of another racing driver who began his career at the early age. Looking at so many of his achievements and championship, it seems that the champ is not going to stop at all.
The Disappointments
The driver also says that his current years seem to be not more frustrating for the fact that he has only six top-10 finishes.
One the other hand, he had been showing the dominant tike but gave a disappointing result at Sonoma and Watkins Glen show this year.
So overall his performance was pretty much manageable as he could manage to win three out of four win in the national wide series.
Looking at the ups and downs which he has shown in this time, it seems that the driver is all set in position and is ready to bounce back to the action. We all hope that Marcose Amrose does well this time and his confidence level remains risen up like this always.