Limiting Part-Time Racers at the NASCAR Nationwide Series

With a dozen and more drivers that participated at the NASCAR Nationwide Series (NNS) last weekend most aiming for the trophy, the question whether or not NASCAR should limit part-time racers is looming ahead. There’s no denying that the crowd went really wild at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, the race was undeniably packed with adrenaline and the venue was full of excitement and shouts with many drivers showing off for their first, and probably, only NNS race. 

Elliot Sadler, a serious contender for the championship title, thinks that the race creates anxiety for the participants trying to bag the title. In an interview, he said that when a driver is racing against fellow drivers that are meaning to win the trophy, the competition gets very difficult – a far cry when you’re racing against those of your similar interest. Because while a contestant for the championship title can get through the game unharmed, the title can easily be stolen by a part-time racer that may not probably race again, leaving them empty handed in the end.

This reality fuels the argument between the pro part-time NNS racers and those that are against it. Deana Engel, a pro part-timer, said in her write-up that NASCAR is a sport for every American man and restricting part-timers will ruin the concept. She said that Villeneuve, Carpentier, and Tagliani are good hometown racers and seeing them participate in the race is one good thing. Engle also thinks that since NASCAR has to sell tickets to earn its keeps, accepting drivers like Villeneuve is a smart move because lots of his supporters will definitely buy to see his game. Engel simply believes in a fair competition and drivers should compete with the best men in the race to prove that they too, have the right to win the title regardless if they’re competing for the first time or for the nth time.

On the other hand, Bill Kimm also expresses his opinion about the issue and he says no to part-timers. According to Bill, NASCAR should really take a more thorough look at its rules with regards to accepting part-time racers in NNS. Yes, drivers should have equal chance of joining this very prestigious race but many of the participants are only joining for their ego’s sake. It doesn’t matter if serious contenders like Stenhouse Jr., Austin Dillon, and Elliot Sadler are there for the championship; most part-timers only want to win. Bill also implies that if a contender wants a real career in NNS, the opportunity is all his. But if all he wants is to show off and outshine other drivers in one race then the part-time ideals is ridiculous.