Ford Escape Revs Up For NASCAR Sprint Cup.2

The compact SUV was produced at the Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky after Ford spent $600 million in retooling and enhancing the facility. Shipments of the vehicle to dealers have already started, generating employment to some 3,200 people.

The latest Escape is designed to deliver 33 mpg highway. It features two EcoBoost engine options, as well as a variety of smart technologies. It is equipped with a hands-free liftgate, while a technology is used to allow users to access the cargo area easily. They no longer have to put down their stuff and packages or use a key to access the cargo area. It has many features that cannot be found in other SUVs. Plus, it boasts of Ford Intelligent 4WD System, which is installed to improve traction off road. Since the first Escape was launched more than 10 years ago, it has evolved into a more modern, fashionable, and convenient vehicle. One of its best qualities that analysts see is its driving dynamics that boost every user’s driving experience, making it more engaging and exciting.