Everything about the New Fuel Injection System

Beginning 2012, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) will introduce the use of fuel injection system for their Daytona 500 Sprint Cup race. This innovation will pave way for the elimination of carburetors that has been known before. The fuel injection system works differently compare to the carburetors, the new system will use an electronic sensor to determine the proper fuel/air combination needed for a specific engine. A system mapping will be required in order to properly execute this calculation. A sensor will be present for gauging the temperature of the oil, air, fuel, and coolant as well as the pressure coming from them.
The fuel injection system that cost around $20,000 to $25,000 is a combined effort from some of the best electronic and semiconductor specialists in the country. The system’s electric control was made by McLaren Electronic Systems, the throttle bodies came from Holley while the Freescale Semiconductor Company was the one that develop the microprocessor. Having the best companies to develop this new system makes a whole new impact when it comes to assurance and dependability; it is also worth noting that these companies especially the McLaren has no track record of failure when it comes to their electronic control units.
A possible fuel saving features can be seen using the new system since the cylinders will get more fuel inside and there will be less outside splash. One more thing that makes this change great is the system’s dependable features. Aside from having firewalls and being password protected the unit will shut down when its program was tampered, making sure that no one can do something that would jeopardize the race like using it for traction control. The correct software will be given during the race weekend then in order to foul-proof the system NASCAR will download the data from the five top racers to cross examine afterwards. The team can download the data during practice or after, they cannot however download live feed during the competition. This is enforced to prevent deliberate adjustment or any result.
NASCAR fans won’t notice any obvious change when the use of fuel injection system starts, for one thing there will be no change in sounds and the engine will still run as smooth as before. The fans however could speculate using the tell-tale sign especially when the fuel runs out since the engine will completely shutdown, also during engine troubleshooting the fans could also realize the change when they see the computers being used during diagnostic.