Dodge Waves Goodbye at the 2013 Sprint Cup

The 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup will soon be missing one good company as Dodge wave its hand goodbye to the competition starting this season’s end. The announcement was made public during the Speedway test at Martinsville for the 2013 cup.

Video: Dodge Will Not Return To NASCAR In 2013

As said by Ralph Gilles, one of Dodge bosses, the decision was made due to the difficulties that the company is facing with regards to the development of the correct structure in order to stay in the competition.
It’s widely known that Dodge has been on and off from the NASCAR for the past years, though they’ve been creating huge followers due to successive winning since 2001. Currently, only 2 Dodge cars are involved in the tournament, one being manned by Sam Hornish Jr. and the other by Brad Keselowski, both belongs to Penske Racing team. With Dodge’s withdrawal, these two racers will soon be switching to Ford. The teams Chip Ganassi, Evernham Motorsports, and Petty Enterprises used to be part of Dodge too but they later on transferred to another companies.
Despite the withdrawal, Martin Truex Jr. – a Toyota racer – believes that NASCAR Sprint Cup won’t be affected badly since only 2 Dodge will leave the race. Jeff Gordon, a Chevy racer also said something like Dodge withdrawal is something inevitable due to its small team number but though he somewhat expected it he can’t help but feel sad about the reality.