Dodge Waves Goodbye at the 2013 Sprint Cup

Even Carl Edwards under the Ford Company shared his feelings regarding the news and said that it’s only natural for the company or person to decide what’s better for their welfare. So, if Dodge think that withdrawing from the Sprint Cup is the best move then they’re free to do as they please but he still believes that someday the company will come back to the race since everyone knows that NASCAR is one of the best ways to market their products. Besides, Dodge already made that on-off decision before so Edwards is still looking at the possibility of the same to happen again.

When asked for his feelings about the impending withdrawal of Dodge, Jeff Gordon, a Chevy driver, said that although he haven’t had experience in driving Dodge he was not surprise with the announcement. He though that the small number of team cars from the company is a telltale sign that the withdrawal is actually coming. He further added that he also feels sad about the fact that a well-known company like Dodge will be missing.