Bristol Motor Speedway Renovation

NASCAR drivers share views over Bristol Motor Speedway renovation. When asked about how they feel about Bristol Motor Speedway plan of renovation, Nascar Sprint Cup Series drivers shared mixed emotions and some even suggest that it was only minimal tire degradation and nothing serious needs the attention.

Bristol Motor Speedway

Nascar Drivers views were reactions to the announcement of Bristol Motor Speedway owner Bruton Smith that the track needs to undergo some changes and modifications including some upgrading jobs. Although what has to be done is not revealed, Bruton is all set to start the renovation before Nascar comes back for the second race this coming August.

The track was said to be on its way to regain its history of full packed attendance and fast selling of tickets. It was seen as an effort to bring back again the crowd that has been decreasing through the years since 2007. The poor attendance of last month’s Bristol Cup race which only drew of just over 100,000 and less than what is expected. The crowd is only two thirds of its full grandstand capacity and Bristol management saw this as a sign that change must takes place immediately.

Kevin Harvick agrees that it’s about time that changes must take place. He expressed his thoughts on the issue of having bigger venue and said that sometimes it’s not always better and Bristol is not always better as they are sometimes. Harvick expressed satisfaction for the fact that Bristol has realized that they have a problem. He contested the view that guys can always change tires and said that it was a race and not just plain replacing or changing tires all the time.

He admitted that people are thinking that Bristol has to put back the track where it was before. He told that he had been telling the Bristol ever since the first day of the race that there’s something need to be done and now he’s at peace that Bristol had realized what he had been telling all the time. He is also hoping that Bristol would do a good job.

Meanwhile former Bristol winner Dale Earnhardt Jr. has pointed that there’s no need to change the track again and pointed to the tires as the most important factor in reviving the crowd at the track. Denny Hamlin agreeing to Earnhardt that the lack of tire degradation is the real issue although Goodyear has issued some changes on tire specification, and led to tires manufacturers to be more conservative on their production approach.

With so much debates, NASCAR drivers are still bent on seeing what has to be done while Smith is doing negotiation for financial assistance from Tennessee state government and reveals his plans for reconfiguration.