Bringing Green Concept to NASCAR Race

The growth of hybrid cars from the use of fuel-cell battery, renewable energy source and electric engines are taking its trend and vast popularity in NASCAR’s race. Home to one of the world’s best track racing event in history, the Sprint Cup category has apparently pursue famous drivers to give fans a surprise craze. When the attention of such drag racing limits to the general technical specs and body styling, it was too common and the thus, the production decided to dealt contenders not just to contribute a race of the title but also a race for the environment.

We know greatly how excited fans are when NASCAR events reach out prestigious car designs equipped with powerful aerodynamic stature. However, using electric cars to the track is somewhat new to viewers if you ask them frankly. They know the pros and cons and the full capacity to race a vehicle that has only spark plugs to charge the engine.

For instance, dating back the generation of R07 Chevrolet engine began to set up a classy power plant when small-block generation 2 (SB2) type didn’t click to most automakers design. NASCAR rules and regulations regarding the limits of using such engines require technical improvements for cylinder barrels, blocks and some rotating components to propel the production system more reliable for a race vehicle. According to technicians, the latest R07 engine is better upgraded than the camshaft used in SB2 because of its potential to blast pushrods shorter and smoother when given the test to run at higher rims per minute. What about the pistons and cooling system around the cylinder barrels? Well, for this engine, you don’t have to worry about its critical heat limits because it is already made to refine the coolant flow within the mechanics.

Meanwhile, when hybrid autos are drifting new generation of power train, automakers decided to run test drives for the purpose of track racing. Eventually, thanks to technology, traditional NASCAR vehicles are now revolutionized to modern green autos. Public car shows unveils many green NASCAR cars that has proven the best power train performance you could ever see. One of the recorded highlights among the finest vehicles in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup race is Johnson’s entry to the circuit.