Brain Vickers Finish First at the New Hampshire Race

DaThe people present at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway witnessed great surprise. Each and everyone present at the race course expected The Michael Waltrip Racing driver to win the title. But he wasn’t seen in the victory lane even. But his part-time team mate was able to make a position in the race. The Brain Vickers was able to grab a permanent seat in the 55 Toyota. The victory came in the Magic Mile of the race.

In the overtime it was seen that the Vickers overtook Kyle Busch during the overtime. Their speed was enough to make them the winner. They crossed the finishing line 0.582 seconds before Busch. das He performed well enough to recover from the penalty that he incurred at the time of driving over the pit road. After a lap he was able to regain his position. He was able to complete half of the lap within the expected time.

Let’s have a look at some of the best moments of the race:

The victory that the Vickers got was a strong signal to their team. They had cut legs and clots were also seen in the lungs. He was still able to win the race with his life threatened.
The Vickers was unable to grab the last year’s cup. They lost their place when the Red Bull team went out of the race.
The Vickers won their first victory in the year 2009. The Victory came at Michigan. Jeff Burton finished third in the race. He was followed by Aric Almirola and Brad Keselowski.
When the race started it was being led by Jimmie Joshnson. His qualifying time was canceled by the race officials because he violated the ride heights. He finished in the sixth position.
According to the Vickers they tried to live every moment of the race.