Earnhardt’s No. 3 Joining Back NASCAR Sprint Cup in 2014 [w/poll]

It’s been almost 13 years when Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was killed in the year 2001 during Daytona 500.  Now, the famous No. 3 is making its come back to the sport at that very next month with NASCAR Sprint Cup rookie Austin Dillon behind the wheel. Earlier it was heard that Earnhardt’s No. 3 will return in August, but this week, Richard Childress Racing has made the news official.
It is pretty much obvious that the no.3 will bring some extra charm and attention to Dillon next season, but according to ESPN reports, team owner Richard Childress, and Dillon’s grandfather said that he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from this series. That report also revealed that the neither of the two paint schemes planned for 2014 with major sponsorships coming from Dow and Cheerios and will have resemblance to Earnhardt’s trademark black, red, and white GM Goodwrench design.
Earnhardt Sr.’s successor is leaving RCR with Kevin Harvick at the end of this past season, and Dillon was named as his replacement in the three-car team, which will transition the Chevrolet SS racecar from Harvick’s no.29 to the Intimidator’s number. Luckily, Dillon is very familiar to the No. 3 in NASCAR, as he has won many titles with this number in the national and truck series.
So, what do you think about the RCR’s return to Earnhardt’s No. 3? This return will undoubtedly offer you unmatchable thrill, adventure and above all, unlimited fun. Share your opinion and let us know your thoughts about it.