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Dylan Kwasniewski Enters the Reality Show

Racing is surely a tough challenge for which only an expert can tackle with. Though such type of change seems to be pretty much smooth and easy, but it is certainly associated with lot many risk, drawbacks and consequences that may have a long time impact.dylan_kwasniewski If you are one of those challenges who believe on earning money with such sponsorships deals by travelling around the country and winning the race each time, then surely, this article is right for you.
The recent news has gained lot of popularity that focuses on Dylan Kwasniewski who is one of the best yet the youngest racer that the world has got. Take a glimpse of his amazing stunts which he has performed throughout his lifetime. He has already achieved a huge success in climbing one of the rungs on the NASCAR ladder along with earing the K&N title. At the age of 17, this young racer is said to be the most talented drivers in the development pool of NASCAR. You can see his amazing students on the reality show called the Autoblog parent AOL where his first season will be on live soon. In the series you will also see this young teenager with his mind who would be telecasting their life in K&N East Series.
Dylan Kwasniewski career Track
He began his career in racing in ASA speed truck and later has won nearly 88% of the races. This typical high school kid has got more interest in music and sprits action other than racing. Being on the race however, he is not losing his focus from the studies and attending his schooling in Las Vegas.
His Achievements
Among 15, he was the top 10 in the route to his first NASCAR championship
Performed 15-race NASCAR K&N Pro Series West schedule
Won Sunoco Rookie of the Year
Won two races and two poles in 2011
You can also have a glimpse of some of the series and episodes that would keep your eyes and mouth wide opened while seeing him performing like a fire on the road. Currently competing in E& N series the fans hope for the best for him and wish to get him a huge success ahead in his life.

Richmond International Raceway Welcomes Top Racers to Ramp Up

Car racing is one of the interesting sports for which many car lovers wait for the big day of the match to arrive; here is the good news for all the car lovers that Atlanta is welcoming all the racers to speed dale
The challenge has increased more for the Dale Earnhardt Jr as the wild car winner’s car winners Martin Truex Jr. and Ryan Newman have also joined the face. Not only this, there are many other great racers who soon would be entering the chase to win. The next match between Jeff Gordon and Carl Edwards was something not to give it a miss. However, though each other tact confused both the drivers in a great way, however, it was Gordon has already won twice at Richmond International Raceway before and is hoping to win again. Race for spots.
Welcoming the Top Racers at Richmond: Following are the new challengers that are waiting to join up the race soon:
kkkkkkkkkkDale Earnhardt Jr. who is the 7th who has won thrice at the Richmond’s and has in the point standings with a 37-point cushion
Greg Biffle who has been a consistent performer and winner at Michigan
Joey Logano was among top five racers in the Atlanta
Kurt Busch who had won the match at Richmond’s in the year 2005
Ryan Newman is another great racer who has won in the year 2003
Martin Truex Jr stands the 13th one at the point
Brad Keselowski is known for two top 10 finishes of the match at Richmond
These great racers have already made their place at Richmond in some or the other year and for all of them this year’s race matters the most to provide their ability and winning the game while making the match the best time at this Saturday night in Atlanta.