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NASCAR’s New Car Models For 2013 Remind Of The Glorious Days Of The Past

The Future Of NASCAR Seems A Lot Like Its Past – And That’s Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

The past Wednesday gave us a glimpse at the future of NASCAR racing. The biggest plus was that it seemed right out of our textbooks reminding us of the glorious days of our past. The biggest disadvantage of the modern day NASCAR car models was that they were completely stripped out of their older era individuality and one could hardly distinguish in between the Ford or the Chevrolet or the Toyota. This was due to a major shift in trend which concentrated on bringing out cars that looked a lot like the ones standing in the showrooms to boost sales.

The Glorious Days Of The Past

However, this was not always the case. A few decades ago, every manufacturer had their unique cars which stood out in their individuality from one another. Most of these cars were built to get the little advantages a manufacturer could. One saw an amazing array of spoiler sizes or the nose changes or constant changes in technology from one track to the other. As a result, a car which ran beautifully in Michigan might not be as good at Daytona. This uncertainty was one of the most appealing aspects of NASCAR. However, following the death of Dale Earnhardt in 2001, NASCAR underwent tremendous changes to improve driver safety. As a result, the cars were completely redesigned to improve their safety features which enhanced driver safety to such a tremendous level that drivers could walk away from major accidents unscathed. However, in doing so, the NASCAR cars were stripped out of their individuality. Thus, one of the main purposes of the manufacturers which was to promote their specific brands was completely defeated.