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Ryan Newman talks about US Army Leaving NASCAR

Ryan Newman pointed out that guys (riders) have put-up an innovative racecar and talked about having a Menards on the car and excellent Aggressive Hydraulics. He said that he is so excited in having to drive and ride those racecars and describe riders (drivers) to be very reverent and he will have some fun and excitement to race with them. He predicted his team had been fortunate to have some win and felt what have been good at practice will have them see themselves in the qualifying for the race.

On his thoughts about the Army’s decision to leave NASCAR, Newman calmly said that there’s some true politics involved in the decision. However, he said he is always proud to represent the army. He also uttered that the decision is from the top ranks and he will respect it whatever the consequences there will be. He likewise claimed that he and his team were proud representatives of the Army, the people and the colors and everything it represents. He said that it’s unfortunate that time has to passed and that they have to leave but still they’re struggling to win for the Army and will do get some wins before the end of the season.

Talks about U.S. Army leaving NASCAR has been the topics just recently and this caused intrigues on last weekend NASCAR race, as the second season is half way through. With or without official confirmation from NASCAR, Ryan Newman and his team will be racing to finish the full NASCAR season.

Ryan Newman talks about US Army Leaving NASCAR

Meeting with few media men, Ryan Newman, member of #29 Army ROTC Chevrolet gamely talks about the US army parting NASCAR and shared his thoughts on other NASCAR topics.

When asked to talk about his thoughts about the season’s 2nd half pursuit and about the “wild card” stuff, Ryan told media men that he considered New Hampshire their place to triumph and have in fact been statistically well during their run on Friday and Sunday. He believes and hopes to see their car do the best run as they have a pretty good car for the season. He added that the ROTC (US Army) Chevrolet were pretty much good during practice. However, he added that he wasn’t able to get a perfect circuit during practice and hopes he’ll get the perfect turn in the qualifying rounds. He described how he was in a crunchy period when he took the seams wrong when he turned three or four times going down off beat. He said he’s going on a crunchy time but still hoping to come out good and have fun for the remaining hours during weekend races.