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NASCAR Prexy Mike Helton Says MIS Safe

He is confident that the racing oval has the element of safety and he and his men have high expectations for Sunday Quicken Loans 400 that the race would not be of speedy race but more of a competitive one.  He also agrees on Michigan’s importance in NASCAR series and Michigan race is one of the most anticipated race for those men in the garage. Although there are some drivers who are not comfortable with the Speed at MIS, Mike Helton insists on saying racing at 200 m.p.h is safe and drivers will hold up to the speed.  NASCAR prexy Mike Helton says MIS safe.

Mike Helton is happy for what’s happening at the Sprint Cup and also shows positive reactions to the national practice. Although there’s reports of blistered tires, Helton said that’s the main reason for NASCAR ‘s official presence at the speedway is finding what’s happening at the moment and see for themselves some racing reactions from drivers and NASCAR fans.

NASCAR Prexy Mike Helton Says MIS Safe

Mike Helton, NASCAR sitting president since 2000 has a light mood when during a talk with Robin Pemberton, the senior VP of Competition and Racing development was quoted as saying that for a moment he sees Michigan International Speedway (MIS) as safe.
Mike Helton has the reputation of staring one down at the best or worst time and who loves wearing cowboy boots and sporting a black y mustache.  He was in a good mood to discuss about repaved racetrack of MIS, which is considered the stock car racings fastest, but scariest oval. He talked about how he felt about MIS and its bursting power and strength while trying to keeping thing overboard. The sport events.
He talked about resurfacing and how it always been on the faster range experience. He pinpointed it to technology and how Robin together with his team done all the possible jobs on keeping the cars on the ground. He said that they’re always after safety and putting it at the highest level and that they have never stopped working to keep it on the ground. Mike Helton recognizes how speed can translate to excitement while on the ground and it would not be different if it’s from MIS or Talladega or Indianapolis. He even expanded on how drivers get excited going fast for 200 m.p.h. lap and considered it a cool thing seeing drivers go excited and comfortable with the speed. Helton however agrees that with speed, responsibility goes with it.

Twitter on NASCAR

Twitter popularity was asserted with the results of Nielsen research that shows a high percentage of 88% and 86% respectively of tablet and smartphone users use their gadget at least once while watching TV in the action-filled last quarter to tweet. The research shows that people watch and tweet during a sport events.

Tweeting NASCAR drivers have in many times put enthusiasms to NASCAR fans by means of tweeting from the raceway. Just recently, Driver Brad Keselowski became a Twitter superstar by posting pictures of the infamous Daytona fire to his twenty five thousands followers. NASCAR fans are known as devoted and loyal to the sports and would not mind if they have to follow every single driver and every single NASCAR people to see racing news on their time line and with NASCAR and Twitter partnership, fans of the racing sports won’t have to worry about losing the tweet contents.

Mark Ghuneim of Trendrr looked at the alliance as a way of having more people talk about the racing events and contributes much to its big percentage of viewing and the NASCAR/Twitter page with its specific hash tag will be of heightened level.

Twitter receives as much as 340 million tweets a day as people tweet on everything about life, people, sex and sports.

Twitter on NASCAR

Twitter, the popular social media site has recently launched a live event experience for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series happening at POCONO Raceway.  Racing fans of the giant social media can now receive tweets from for every moment happening at the race. The deal between NASCAR and Twitter is aimed at boosting tweeting and viewing for both parties.

NASCAR and Twitter’s partnership is seen as a positive move from both camps and could bring more alliances between NASCAR and other social media in the near future.  Twitter’s Vice president of media Chloe Sladden said that the experiment is a precursor to permanent deal with the Racing giant in the future. She said both will be working on bringing best content faster and to the delight and information of the racing aficionados.

However, both NASCAR and Twitter is mum about details of the deal.

Twitter is apparently an instrumental to the success of TV Shows like the X Factor and sport events like the Super Bowl. Being a popular social media, Twitter has enhanced viewing and thus contributing to the big ticket sales or high TV viewer ship. With NASCAR partnerships, Twitter for the first time will devote a special area for a live event like the NASCAR races.

Mark Martin.

Mark Martin: A Great NASCAR Legend.2

In Dover, Martin won the race and the first Ford driver to win in such an event. Another owner has seen and heard much about him so that has become the start of the relationship between Martin and Jack Roush. Since they started working together, Martin has become a consistent runner-up in all the events he participated in.

He again joined in 1990 and has lost the tile by only 26 points and 38 points in the competition that took place in 2002. Martin had to depart with Roush after the organization has announced that they can no longer go together work as a team for the 2007 twenty races, which he wanted to join in. Soon he made a part time racing schedule with Ginn Racing in 2007.

In 2006, Martin has recorded astonishing marks. He won six wins, eleven top 5s, twelve top 10s, and three pole positions. And in July, 2007, DEI has acquired the Ginn Racing and this has caused Mark Martin to join Dale Jr., Paul Menard, and Martin Truex. In 2008, the 500 Auto Club has become Martin’s 700th start. Although going stronger in 2008, there were rumors that Martin will be leaving DEI and will join Hendrick Motorsports by the season’s end.

Mark Martin: A Great NASCAR Legend.1

Have you ever heard of Mark Martin? If you are a fan of NASCAR or is a fan of Formula One car race then you must be familiar with this name. In fact, Martin is known as Mr. Consistency.  How did he earn such a fabulous name? Because of his consistency to enter the top ten circle in every race, Martin has gained that name.
Martin hails in Arkansas and has spent his early days driving in the dirty tracks of his state. From Arkansas, he moved to AMA and there he had won the title as the Rookie of the Year in the year 1977. After that win, he again won three championship titles in a row from ’78 to ’80. In 1986, he bagged another championship title.

Martin was a person who was made for bigger things and events. This is why he entered and joined the NASCAR Racing Event in the year 1981. In 1982, he then had ran a full schedule which was a team owned by a family. After joining 22 events from 1983 to 1987, he got the full Nationwide Series schedule for the owner known as Bruce Lawmaster.

More modern, fashionable, and convenient vehicle.

Ford Escape Revs Up For NASCAR Sprint Cup.2

The compact SUV was produced at the Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky after Ford spent $600 million in retooling and enhancing the facility. Shipments of the vehicle to dealers have already started, generating employment to some 3,200 people.

The latest Escape is designed to deliver 33 mpg highway. It features two EcoBoost engine options, as well as a variety of smart technologies. It is equipped with a hands-free liftgate, while a technology is used to allow users to access the cargo area easily. They no longer have to put down their stuff and packages or use a key to access the cargo area. It has many features that cannot be found in other SUVs. Plus, it boasts of Ford Intelligent 4WD System, which is installed to improve traction off road. Since the first Escape was launched more than 10 years ago, it has evolved into a more modern, fashionable, and convenient vehicle. One of its best qualities that analysts see is its driving dynamics that boost every user’s driving experience, making it more engaging and exciting.

Ford Escape Revs Up For NASCAR Sprint Cup.1

In a few weeks, NASCAR fans will get a glimpse of Ford’s new 2013 Escape as it paces the prestigious Sprint Cup race.  Ford Motor Company unleashed the SUV last month, with Daytona 500 champion Matt Kenseth on the driver’s seat. Kenseth represents Ford on NASCAR on his No. 17 Ford Fusion. This move by Ford wasn’t expected, as the 2013 Escape is an unusual pace car. Even if it bears a sporty look and body, the vehicle is still considered a unique safety car that will be responsible for controlling the speed of racecars during a caution period on the track. The Escape will debut at Kentucky Speedway, where the Cup will be held from June 28 to 30.

People will be able to see the Escape during the NASCAR Camping World Truck’s UNOH 225 and NASCAR Nationwide series’ Feed the Children 300. It will close its pacing stint at the Quaker State 400 on June 30. A Ford Racing executive said that it’s Ford’s pleasure to launch and showcase such an exciting vehicle, whose price will range from $22,000 to around $32,000 when it goes on sale. Its role in NASCAR race is seen as part of Ford’s efforts to market it. With this, NASCAR fans and common vehicle consumers will get to view the Escape in all its glory the moment it enters the track.

New Announcement of Toyota for NASCAR

What is new in NASCAR today is the new revelation of Toyota. Kyle Busch is an 85-time winner in NASCAR’s three national touring series in Toyota. Other than that, he is also the lucky one who has been chosen to ride the new racecar of Toyota, called the 2013 Toyota Camry, last Tuesday.
Kyle Busch said that he has done a lot of work with Toyota including working for their commercials that is why he feels good to drive the car and had the 2013 Toyota Camry unveiled for the public. Kyle Busch also said that the Camry looks really cool and that he is looking forward to drive it in a real race, which will be in February 2013 in the Spirit Cup Series at the time of the Speed week.
The 2013 Toyota Camry has been the third car that Toyota had made public, after revealing the Ford Fusion and the Dodge Charger. All car manufacturing companies, except the Chevrolet, had articulated their wish to do business with NASCAR.
Toyota officials said that the 2013 Camry race-car is designed with a new front-grille that suits the production model, plus a unique character lines in the side of the vehicle and an improved rear bumper. The president of Toyota Racing Development in the U.S.A., Lee White, said that they wanted their race cars to look more like their models of production stock and that the 2013 Camry race car looks really great that everyone at their company wants to have their drivers in race cars that look a lot like the street Camry.
TRD’s vice president of chassis engineering, Andy Graves said that after the last 18 months, the car manufacturing companies have all come together in race track or through conference calls to engage a work with NASCAR’s direction where they place their production car elements into the race cars while keeping fairness and equality.
Those present at the announcement were the president of NASCAR, Mike Helton and the Vice President of Competition and Racing Development, Robin Pemberton. Robin Pemberton, worshipped all the car manufacturers for coming and working together for their new 2013 race car models. Mike Helton said that it is a new era of cooperation and that it is a nodal point in the history of NASCAR.
With this new NASCAR announcements form the manufacturers of race cars there is an even that is a really must-wait and must-see. Everyone who is into this kind of sport will surely look forward to that event.