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Toyota Unleashes Redesigned 2013 Camry.2

Busch, meanwhile, was the one who unveiled the new Camry, saying that it really is a cool-looking car. He added that he couldn’t wait to get in it and race with it. NASCAR President Mike Helton, on the other hand, praised all manufacturers for their efforts in bringing the look and performance of vehicles to the next level. Helton said it’s a period of cooperation among manufacturers and will be a crucial moment in NASCAR’s history.

It can be recalled that other manufacturers revealed their redesigned vehicles earlier this year. Ford unveiled its 2013 Fusion, while Chrysler’s Dodge rolled out its redesigned Charger. Chevrolet, on the other hand, kept up with the competition with its camouflaged version of the much-anticipated SS racer. With all this development, fans and car enthusiasts are surely in for a treat when these new models will be zooming the road next year. Not only they will witness the power, intensity, and high performance of these vehicles but they will also get to see it done in fashion and style.

Toyota Unleashes Redesigned 2013 Camry.1

Toyota Motor Corp. has taken another step to boost the identity and distinction of its vehicles with the release of 2013 Camry.  The racecar, which would be driven by Kyle Busch, would banner Toyota at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The 2013 Camry’s launch is seen as Toyota’s final initiative to make its racecar more distinct and recognizable than its competitors Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet. To enhance car graphics and the entire look, the Toyota Racing Development and Toyota’s Calty Design Department teamed up to use streetcar’s design elements in the Camry race car edition. An official at Toyota said that the 2013 Camry appears more like a production vehicle in hopes of strengthening the relationship between NASCAR fans and manufacturers.

The 2013 Camry’s front grille was patterned after the production model, while distinct character lines mark its side. The rear bumper was updated and all of these redesign efforts made the vehicle more similar to the street Camry, which is considered the best-selling car in America. The Camry has been selling at a fast pace in America for 10 straight years. Moreover, the Kelly Blue Book hailed the 2012 Toyota Camry as the Best Redesigned Vehicle, while called it the Most American Car. Toyota’s move is in line with NASCAR’s attempts to make its cars more exciting. This stirs the anticipation for the 2013 Camry when it hit the road at Daytona International Speedway’s “Speedweeks” in February.

Chevrolet to Roll out SS High Performance Sedan.2

While the performance of SS is expected to be high, there are also drawbacks seen by experts. The timing of the release may be wrong, given the soaring gas prices and fuel economy standards. The SS runs on V8, meaning it is not as fuel efficient as other vehicles. However, a GM spokesman countered that the latest model won’t bring down Chevrolet’s fuel economy, as it would be sold in a limited number only. Those car enthusiasts who are willing to shell out money for such a power car are the only ones targeted by the brand, the spokesman added. With its four-door type, the SS may also be perfect for driving and racing enthusiasts with family.


Chevy aficionados are expected to welcome the latest model the moment it hits the market. It is seen as a part of Chevrolet’s efforts to boost its rear-wheel-drive sedan division and make a turn in the market. GM said before that V8 cars have not much of a room in the US market due to strict government rules that drive car manufacturers to focus more on fuel economy.

Chevrolet to Roll out SS High Performance Sedan.1

Chevrolet will debut in the NASCAR Sprint Cup next year with its new SS rear-wheel-drive sedan.  It will be Chevrolet’s first time to offer such a type of sedan since the reign of Pontiac G8 17 years ago. The V8-powered SS model is patterned after the Holden VF Commodore, which is also a rear-wheel-drive sedan that is available in Australia. The SS will be Chevrolet’s contender at NASCAR at the 2013 Daytona 500.  It will replace the Impala. General Motors Co. (GM), Chevrolet’s parent company, announced that the SS line would be available in the market late next year but only on a limited edition. It will not be a mainstream car and it would only be offered to a group of NASCAR vehicle enthusiasts.

Though there are few details about SS’ specifications and performance, it is expected to go over six liters and reach about 400hp. Many already assume that the SS, which is a short term for Super Short, will be kind of a fusion of Pontiac GXP and police-only Chevy Caprice. The SS will add to Chevrolet’s set of rear-wheel-drive vehicles that also include the Chevrolet Camaro and the Corvette. The difference is that the Camaro is a two-door car run by a V6 engine, while the V8-powered Corvette sports car doesn’t have the same space as a four-door sedan has.

With Carl Edward’s Penalty, NASCAR Credibility is at Stakes

The issues are about Carl Edward’s getting penalized on the restart on lap 319 of the 400 lap event. NASCAR issued the penalty when Edward beats Tony Steward after some dispute on who’s the real leader. However, some NASCAR observers that there’s some doubts on the said call. 

Carl Edward believes that he’s the leader and even asked his spotter to see who’s the real leader when Tony Steward was declared as the real leader. NASCAR Vice-President Robin Pemberton said that Edward restarted before the designated restart zone and therefore was penalized and this has nothing to do with beating Tony Steward.

NASCAR officials said that Edward was informed that Steward is the leader and therefore he should not have beaten Steward and it’s just correct to serve him a pass-through penalty. However, Edward disagreed with NASCAR officials saying the officials made mistake and wondered why the officials black-flagged him. He said the official told him that they’re both the leaders that’s why he made the best restart even when he’s in a worst position.

The issues is now on NASCAR official giving wrong information to Edward’s spotter. This is giving NASCAR credibility issue based on what had happened for both drivers.

Edward insisted that A NASCAR official has relayed a wrong information to his spotter and blamed NASCAR for his supposed penalty. This places NASCAR in a situation where NASCAR credibility is questioned with delivering information that is unclear and inaccurate.

However if the issue is untrue and without basis, NASCAR is still in question for another controversy. That’s for caution flag for 12 laps remaining that have resulted in pits stops.

Carl Edward and Tony Steward are both speculated to push their best win after the controversial call. Edward is bending on questioning the call and still insisting that the call is unclear and inaccurate and he must not be penalized.

NASCAR has been in the scenes for imposing questionable penalties. Just recently, NASCAR announcement of making public first before imposing any penalties for drivers was met with great enthusiasm from drivers and racing fans. In the past NASCAR imposes penalty even without addressing it to the drivers concerned and this position made drivers asked for reforms on NASCAR’s rules and regulation. The move was welcomed by drivers and racing fans.

NASCAR is a regulating body for racing events and driver’s members and has successfully regulated racing events and drivers for the past years amidst a few controversies that has tested NASCAR’s credibility.


NASCAR and Kansas Speedway along with other official partners of NASCAR have showcased different types of environmental sustainability projects and programs.  These will be witnessed every week at the different race tracks in the different parts of the country and will not only be witnessed during the Earth Day alone but in other days of the month too.
Of the man different environment friendly activities that are taking place in Kansas, the following activities are also included in the list of activities:
Sprint, one of NASCAR’s sponsors will be staged to implement Recycle for Victory. This is a wireless program for recycling which aims to benefit the charity.
NASCAR’s partner American Ethanol will paint the tracks with green
NASCAR’s partners Coors Light and Coca-Cola will be staged to educate fans about the benefits of recycling; they will encourage people to drop aluminum cans and plastic bottles in the designated bins.
A thirty-second spot on FOX TV will be given to NASCAR to air its green platform by 1 PM.
The green logo of NASCAR will appear for the first time at the event’s infield grasses.
The pace car will be a hybrid Toyota Camry and will be the one to carry NACAR’s green logo.
Donation of ten trees to Governor’s Challenge for every dropped green flag over the weekend.

NASCAR Released White Paper for Earth Day

Daytona Beach, Florida – this April, NASCAR has launched white paper in consonance to their various programs that made NASCAR the leader in terms of green initiatives in all different types of sports.  The sustainability has illustrated the different steps which NASCAR has dome in the field of educating fans from all around the world, reducing sports’ environmental impacts, and in the validation of the green technologies. All of these are mainly for both tracks.

The managing director for NASCAR’s green innovation Michael Lynch declared that this report has brought substantial examples of the NASCAR’s commitment in the innovation of green revolution and its role as the leader in the field of sustainability. The NASCAR team is doing its best to create advance and innovative platforms that are designed to help in the reduction of their sport’s environmental impact.

The releasing of white paper is coincidental with the Sunday Cup Series, a special racing event that was held in Kansas. This momentous event has also taken place in the celebration of Earth Day. This is such a spectacular event because NASCAR will take its toll in imparting earth-friendly moves that will help in the campaign of environmental-friendly sports.