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NASCAR Headlines and Rankings

In the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Carl Edwards leads at the Daytona International Speedway as of February 26. Edwards has a speed of 194.738, while Greg Biffle is at the second spot with a speed of 194.087.  Last year’s overall champion Tony Stewart is currently at number 3 with a speed of 193.607. On the other hand, Stewart won the season opening of Daytona 500 race. He also won 4 times straight in February Nationwide, Gatorade Dual, Coke Zero 400, and the Budweiser Shootout at Daytona. Stewart has been picked by most fans to be this season’s winner. The Daytona International Speedway has a length of 200 miles with 200 laps.
Earlier this week, the heated Duel caused some conflicts in the event’s aftermath. Due to the hot engine temperatures, the performances of the racers have been affected significantly. Despite of the widespread complaints, NASCAR has no plans of any changes in terms of the car’s cooling system. They said that the water temperatures are taken care of by the race drivers themselves. Many drivers suffered from hot temperature issues including Martin Truex Jr. Martin was very frustrated as he ended at number 13 behind Matt Kenseth. As a result, Biffle and Edwards grabs the top positions in the front-row qualifying series.
In the Nationwide Series, Danica Patrick becomes the 2nd female to begin from the pole position in the history of the national series.  Patrick won the 2.5-mile track at the 300 Nationwide Series race. After her devastating crash at DIA Gatorade Duel race, she successfully made a comeback and won the pole for Drive4COPD 300. She was able to endure the tremendous crash and now she rises above the others. In 1994, Shawna Robinson became the first female driver to start on the pole in Atlanta. After almost 2 decades, Patrick turned out to be the first female who won the top 3 national series in NASCAR. Meanwhile, Trevor Bayne is currently at the second spot and Elliot Sadler grabs the third place of the Drive4COPD 300 Nationwide Series. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was last year’s overall champion in the Nationwide Series.
In the Camping World Truck Series, John King holds the number 1 spot in the current ranking. Timothy Peters is at number 2, while Justin Lofton is on the third spot. As of today, the rookie John King gained 3 overall victories. The most recent win is at the DIA for NextEra Energy Resources 250. On the other hand, King attempted 3 times to win the Camping World Truck Series. The unexpected victory is certainly a shocker according to King and some fans as well.

NASCAR Sets New Ruling for 2013 Budweiser Shootout

Budweiser Shootout for 2013 is now going to be for drivers who win pole position for the races of the current year’s season. This was announced by NASCAR recently stating for the non-profit Speed Weeks exhibition race for stock cars. 
The big change was believed to be NASCAR’s way to put emphasis on the qualifying sessions before the event takes place. The big change will put attention for the past pole winners where 18 has been tallied. The 2013 pre-qualifying Shootout will also have previous winners with the likes of Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards. The list goes to Kurt Busch, Tony Steward, Dale Earnhardt and also Denny Hamlin, Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick and Jeff Gordon.
The decision is to assure star power to boost the racing event. The week’s pole award has Coors as sponsor while rival Budweiser sponsors the Shootout.
NASCAR did not issue any reaction and instead John Darby, director for the competition said that everybody is happy that the race ends up the way it has been predicted. Adding furthermore, that everybody is from different old school that are trying to give the guys some little push that they need so much showing off a non- disappointing race. He said that all is now on the drivers’ ability to give or not to give an exciting race. The race is non profit and it sure to make everybody excited to give it some nice kick off. 
The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is a governing and sanctioning body for auto racing events. It is a family owned and business operated founded by Bill France. It is now headed by Bill France’s grandson; Brian France who has been acting as its CEO since 2009. Spirit Cup Series, Camping World Series and Nationwide Series are stock racing events that have been under NASCAR sanctioning and governance. NASCAR has sanctioning power over 1500 races all over 100 race track in different States in USA and has overseeing duties for MASCAR Local Racing and for Whelen All-American Series.
Besides sanctioning functions, NASCAR has a hand over imposing safety rules for drivers and driving. It has implemented several safety measures for drivers like “SAFER BARRIER” rule safeguarding driver’s injuries and fatalities. NASCAR also has adopted of “HANS DEVICE” for drivers’ protection against neck injuries and imposed the Car Of Tomorrow where racing cars will have to be redesigned with higher roof while having driver’s seat gearing toward the center and wider cockpit for driver’s quick mobility.
Although NASCAR has been in the middle of many controversies, it still continue to be the only stock car racing body that has the highest patronage based on coverage and tickets sales.

RCR Sports New Graphics from Roland

NASCAR opening season will have something new to offer with Richard Childress Racing sporting new car graphics provided by Roland’s new technology for inkjet graphic printing. RCR team has been working hard in giving extensive wrapping job for RCR’s cars, trucks and trailers expected to give a roaring show time for the season’s opening.
RCR Graphic center is relying on Roland’s 64-inc VersAcAMM metallic inkjet printer and cutter and Soljet models consisting of three models to provide the wrapping jobs for RCR line-ups finishing a total of 37 vehicles including trucks, trailers and cars. The in-house graphic studio for NASCAR is busy running a total of seven Roland printers and cutter consecutively seven days a week consuming 14 to 16 hours a day.  The company has been in preparation for the racing events, has done wrapping jobs of 53 feet, and has consumed about 8,100 square feet of printed vinyl and a hundred new graphics and wraps.
Nick Woodward who heads the RCR graphic teams has said that they have a big shift of their wrapping schedules as it is previously done during off seasons reasoning that they have new sponsors that would have new approaches for branding elements, which is the core of car graphics and wraps. Wood added that there’s a lot of hard work going on and he hopes the racing aficionados will see real worthwhile results. He gives a little peak on what’s going to be the one to watch during the race event. He predicted that No.29 Budweiser Chevrolet Impala would be the flashiest and driver Kevin Harvick would be in the cockpit of a full metallic wrap car. While Paul Menard’s no.27 Peak Performance Chevrolet will have bold blue and yellow color scheme, which is entirely a new graphic design. He also assures the public to see entirely show-stoppers graphic and wraps for cars and trucks. 
In addition for vehicles wraps, RCR graphic center is producing new varieties of graphics for pit boxes, new signage and graphics for some high profile areas around the race tracks.
Roland’s two VersaUV LED printers are helping RCR Graphic Center in meeting up all the demands for all labels and signage getting help from LED 640 hybrid flatbed printer. This 64 inch roll-to roll printer enables direct printing on thick materials such as boards.
With new graphics and wraps, NASCAR opening season will be of something that has adoring eyes on racing vehicles sporting an entirely amazing and spectacular graphics and wraps.

Everything about the New Fuel Injection System

Beginning 2012, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) will introduce the use of fuel injection system for their Daytona 500 Sprint Cup race. This innovation will pave way for the elimination of carburetors that has been known before. The fuel injection system works differently compare to the carburetors, the new system will use an electronic sensor to determine the proper fuel/air combination needed for a specific engine. A system mapping will be required in order to properly execute this calculation. A sensor will be present for gauging the temperature of the oil, air, fuel, and coolant as well as the pressure coming from them.
The fuel injection system that cost around $20,000 to $25,000 is a combined effort from some of the best electronic and semiconductor specialists in the country. The system’s electric control was made by McLaren Electronic Systems, the throttle bodies came from Holley while the Freescale Semiconductor Company was the one that develop the microprocessor. Having the best companies to develop this new system makes a whole new impact when it comes to assurance and dependability; it is also worth noting that these companies especially the McLaren has no track record of failure when it comes to their electronic control units.
A possible fuel saving features can be seen using the new system since the cylinders will get more fuel inside and there will be less outside splash. One more thing that makes this change great is the system’s dependable features. Aside from having firewalls and being password protected the unit will shut down when its program was tampered, making sure that no one can do something that would jeopardize the race like using it for traction control. The correct software will be given during the race weekend then in order to foul-proof the system NASCAR will download the data from the five top racers to cross examine afterwards. The team can download the data during practice or after, they cannot however download live feed during the competition. This is enforced to prevent deliberate adjustment or any result.
NASCAR fans won’t notice any obvious change when the use of fuel injection system starts, for one thing there will be no change in sounds and the engine will still run as smooth as before. The fans however could speculate using the tell-tale sign especially when the fuel runs out since the engine will completely shutdown, also during engine troubleshooting the fans could also realize the change when they see the computers being used during diagnostic.

The People’s Champion of February’s Sprint Cup Series

Let us just say that no one can’t get enough of drag racing nowadays. As for NASCAR fans, the prestigious event holds the record for making their faulty bets win or dismantle the loss down the ditch. There is no doubt that has been running for quite some time and as far as statistics have cover, the association earns the largest stock car racing since 1947. 

For game fans,  you have play the game any times, mastered all race tracks from various obstacles and ultimately overcome your strongest opponent that you live to skid them off the tracks; but in the real NASCAR race, your eyes will take you to the actual event where driving renders the excitement in reality. The sonic boom of mufflers, glowing chrome wheels, smooth edge of car exteriors and a series of stock cars ready to sprint across the tracks are every driver’s dream to watch a premier event yearly.

One of the highest sports rating in terms of the number of visitors online is and the number continues to draw more users weekly. NASCAR’s business opened up multiple types of auto racing events which includes Nationwide Series, Camping World Truck Series and Sprint Cup Series. The Sprint Cup Series is an overall favorite that sanctions to more than a thousand races and a record-breaking of 75 million fans from around the world.

Upon your entry in the main page of, the headlines reveal the latest standings of NASCAR drivers, upcoming schedule, immediate access to bidding for auto racing pick and forums. Fans are so indulge to raise a bet in the next event that private organizations outlay predictions to the next winning racer. The site offers opportunity for fans to be part in their membership club where the link will take them to the official page. At the bottom of the site, fans can browse for more queries about the guidelines in participating online events, online subscription and sponsors.

Want to know who brought home the bacon in this month’s race track challenge? Tony Stewart stands tall as he walked the platform and grabbed for the Sprint Cup title. Fans named him ‘The People’s Champion of NASCAR!’ and he deserves even better than earning it all.

Sports analyst would consider the superstar a hardworking man with full of determination. Growing up as his passion to steer a four-wheeler vehicle has now achieve his championship record. Being a millionaire in his mansion, Stewart amplifies himself simple in his ways. Now that his job is almost done, he continues to live as Tony Stewart with stewardship ambition.

The NASCAR News and Highlights 2012

In the Sprint Cup Series, Landon Cassill will be driving at the Daytona 500 which is his first time ever throughout his career. The new team is yet to be named, but the deal was already furnished. Cassill has been a NASCAR enthusiast since the age of 17 and finally made a debut in the racing scene 5 years after. He landed at the 12th spot at Michigan last season, and has been racing in the 48 Sprint Cup series for the past 2 seasons.  Cassill said that signing a new deal into a NASCAR season is a truly dream come true. Meanwhile, Pat Tryson was named as the new crew chief for David Gilliland No. 38 Ford after Derrick Finley return as a full-time director for the competition. In other news, the ‘Three Stooges’ movie stars including Kate Upton and Jane Lynch will take the Daytona 500 stage. Both celebrities will participate in the pre-race ceremonies of the NASCAR racing event.
In the Nationwide Series, Brad Parrot will be the new crew chief for Tommy Baldwin Racing or TBR’s nationwide team. Parrot is a veteran crew chief in the nationwide series with more than 20 years of expertise and knowledge to the rookie lineup. He will be handling young drivers in the team including Bobby Santos, Ryan Truex, and Ryan Blaney. Parrot has worked for successful teams such as the Roush Fenway Racing, Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, and the Yates racing as well.
Meanwhile, Mike Skinner has recently announced that he will be driving for the Eddie Sharp Racing at Daytona. Skinner is a truck series champion in 1995 and a veteran in the field of NASCAR racing. He signed a one-race deal for this new season on Feb. 24th.
In other news updates, The NASCAR Foundation is set to move at Daytona Beach which is the birthplace of the sanctioning body. The site relocation will include the current employees that are based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Daytona Beach will be the new headquarters of the NASCAR Foundation.
Recording superstar Lenny Kravitz is set to perform at the Daytona 500 Pre-race show this February. The appearance of the famous musician will add a star power on the opening of the said competition this year.
Kasey Kahne is on his way to recovery after the successful outpatient knee surgery. The Hendrick Motorsports driver is more than ready for the Daytona 500 and the Budweiser Shootout this month.

NASCAR News: Giants Propelled for the Super Bowl Triumph and Victory

In Daytona Beach, Florida the Giants made it possible to defeat the NE Patriots at the Daytona Football 500.  The game employed awe-inspiring, thrilling, and breathtaking defensive package that was named after an equally awe-inspiring, thrilling, and breathtaking sport called NASCAR which is expected to be held again this February.

The moniker and its origin: makes sense.  Have a look…

De Justin has attended college in Notre Dame, a 3-hour drive from the Indianapolis Motors Speedway. If you are going to look at Justin during the game, you will be reminded of a person in the 1989 Daytona International Speedway Competition who has bagged the championship title? The man referred to here is Darrell Waltrip

De Osi Umenyiora now comes with that energetic swim move who went to college in Troy University, a school which is 2.5 hours’ drive from Talladega Speedway. His moves were quite fabulous during the game: juking right and swatting the helpless defender then launching left. With all these moves, can you still imagine the slingshot maneuver which also happen on the February 26 Lap 200?

De Jason Piere-Paul now gets everyone down. This guy went to south Florida University near the NASCAR bookend tracks – the Homestead and Daytona Miami Speedway. JPP’s specialty is to make off-the-block speeds and he makes sure that this specialty is performed each time he joins a single game. If only NFL had the award for the fastest during the restart then this award (NASCAR has), JPP will get the award every time.

With all these backgrounds of these amazing guys, there is no wonder why they are nicknamed as Giants after making a victorious run during the most competitive type of motor sport in the world.

Justin Tuck said the Giants came up with the NASCAR spirit. They call NASCAR as their speed package. The Gants call NASCAR that way simply because they are all, in some ways related to NASCAR and Speedmotors and that is something that feels right to them.

If there’s going to be a competition on who is really the fastest then that remains to be unraveled soon.
Many of the NASCAR drivers who appeared the Super Bowl include Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer, Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne, Ty and Austin Dillon. These guys and others made the event quite exciting for spectators and players as well.

The next Daytona 500 NASCAR’s best will come running on February 26, 1 PM on FOX.